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Monday, January 15, 2007

What I'd Like to See

Now and again, when I get the time, I like to go for a walk. The differences between talking a walk in my hometowns of England and Cyprus are decidedly marked - in Cyprus people wave or smile a salutation as you walk by, while in England we have discernible pavements and less chance of being run over by chaotic drivers.

However, what I'd like to see is the same.

I'd like to see more trees living side by side with us.

I'd like to see more pet dogs being kept in cleaner kennels or in the home, or at least trained properly so there would not be the need for unnecessary restraints.

I'd like to see people walking more at ease in their bodies - with a bounce in their step to indicate they know they are extraordinary but have the humility to act ordinary. I'd like to see more people learn how to carry clothes rather than designer labels, and to smell naturally clean rather than of clinical perfume.

I'd like to see people behave less ignorantly with one another - so I can hope that even though we learn a lot at school we haven't forgotten that we also need to educate ourselves.

I also want to see less rage on our streets. Those who would do anything to protect the things they cherish the most should have the potential to get strong rather than get angry when the need calls for it.

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