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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Different Labels

Our world is pasted over with human-invented labels. We all use different words, descriptions, and labels to talk about the same thing.

I appreciate that in order to make sense of our world, the brain needs to categorise and to label, but we need to recognise that one particular label is not inherently better or worse than any other. It is wrong when people become fixated on the labels they have invented, and then assert that their labels are better, or more correct, than other people's labels.

Some will wage wars and expend lives to prove that only their labels are the true labels.

Worse still, people can also be treated according to the labels they have been assigned by others, or become important not because of what they do, but their label status.

Don't be shocked. I do it. You do it, too. You will have assigned a label to me, and to this blog. The important thing to note is that though we may categorise people as easily as I categorise my blog posts, we are more than the mere sum of labels.

It may scare our sensitive brain no end, but it pleases me greatly that there is no label that can completely define you and me. In the same way that defining possibility always limits it, ultimately that is what labelling will do to us.

We can see how absurd it is.

Yet, we will continue to attach labels to ourselves and each other - and our world - every day.

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