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Monday, February 12, 2007

Supine Nights


the glowing bars of the horizon
bend down to murmur, a little sadly,
how Love fled in exile
surrendering to dreams overhead;

hiding among a crowd of stars,
a forgotten gift, you and I,
the moon now flirts
with the walls of a room
that once listened to us breathe,

moonbeams bury their casualties
without care in longing eyes,
heart tombstones crack
with weathered rage,

lying face down in the rain,
worse than pity to remember
little names that were once familiar
engraved in the veins of a body
no longer here,

no heroic legacy or
flag wrapped in blood
to leave to descendants of war,
except a myriad of stars,

no generation to surrender
except these long nights
to remember and wonder
if love is stronger
than forever.


Sleeping Passion

Waiting passion is full of sleep,
but it hibernates in the core,
stirring for a summer's thaw,

it speaks to hasten spring,
it sings to the clarity of love
and furnaces the ember of hurt,

it dreams of the soft look in eyes,
enshrining beauty in glowing faces;
the source of all stronger paces,

its weight is the heaviest burden,
yet its absence hollows out souls
no longer sleeping but dying.


Moon Falls

love is a forest
in which moon waterfalls
scatter nature's senses,
a nocturnal rousing,
leaves once filled
with shinelight;
burning dark wine simmers
through them and all souls

in the night,

life is out on every tree limb,
each branch nesting love twins,
gently clenched
and rocked to sleep by
a protective breeze,
as the supine moon
flirts with the idea
of an unending twilight.

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