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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tarkan's Hello! Interview

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

TarkanPreviously reported at Tarkan Deluxe, last week's Hello! Magazine (Turkish edition) had run a report on Turkey's music superstar.

With photographs by Vikram Gawde, the Turkish edition reprinted an interview Tarkan gave for Hello! Middle East when he was in Dubai last year for a concert. Describing him as a singer that leaves other international stars in the shade, Rue Kothari spoke to Tarkan about his aspirations for his career, most notably about his dream to win a Grammy Award.

Tarkan on cover of Hello!"I've won international awards but the Grammy symbolises worldwide success. The other half of my dream is like Bono, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to use my fame and voice for the benefit of others. I admire them for this."

Still adamant about pursuing success in America, Tarkan also revealed a new Turkish pop album in the works. Explaining that fame was "an addiction" that he was grounded enough to handle, when asked what inspired him, he listed among other things his pet husky dog named Wolfie.

"Everything inspires me; people I work with, my friends, a country I visit, the news I watch... It may sound strange, but sometimes my dog can give me inspiration. His name is Wolfie, [and] has very blue eyes..."

When further questioned about fame and his status as a sex symbol in Turkey, the singer expressed that he was not in "that artificial world".

Strained Relations

The interview also seems to indicate the strained relations between Tarkan and the world of the Turkish media, given the fact that the report in the Turkish edition of Hello! is not an original interview but a reprint of one released months ago.

With the celebrity press having to use outside sources for news about their most well-known music star, it seems ironic that currently fans in Dubai are more informed about the future works of Tarkan than Turkish fans.

You can read the translated article about Tarkan's Grammy dreams in full here.

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