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Friday, February 23, 2007

When Love Visits

"In the ocean of life our souls will have swam, meeting time after brother and sister, mother and son, husband and wife, different types of love all from the same source. This is the touch of destiny that binds us to eternity."
-Ali Yildirim (Read more quotes)

Love remembered.

How often do we take the time to remember our past loves? Possibly we feel some are not worth remembering. Yet, should we not show gratitude to love for taking us in and providing a unique experience? Nothing can foretell of the reception we'll receive, it just isn't possible. At times it is overwhelming, at times it is painful.

But, it is best to remember that all experience is teaching. And sometimes a past love may be our present one.

When Love a Deeper Level

Finding ourselves connecting with others at a deeper spiritual level - a kind of "soul affinity" that we feel - has always intrigued me the most during my visits with love.

Be patient with me while I get metaphorical for a moment. Imagine there are two types of life, the physical, mortal life and a spiritual one. The latter is a universal, timeless ocean where all souls swim and remember at some level their interactions in the physical one. We've been father, mother, sister, brother, teacher, lover, ruler and slave to all those with whom we share this soul affinity, because we have in actuality met before.

There will be some people - despite the temporal boundaries and prejudices set up in this particular life - that we will like from the word go, and seem to know.

We've all had those moments when we experience an inkling of knowing, a knowing that cannot be explained by the scope of our physical life experience. This odd and inexplicable knowing is, I believe, something like a soul whisper, a breeze blowing across that vast ocean. It is our infinite soul informing our current life predicament. It is our current soul affinity that sets us into direct contact with those we have and will meet during our life.

I'm not saying that we have to believe this.

I'm just saying sometimes when we fall in love with someone, we feel like a very old friend has returned home...and that's when we realise the possibility that love isn't just here to visit, it's here to stay.

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