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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dominant Senses

We all see the world in different ways because we use different senses to take in our surroundings. Some people favour the visual, while others rely more on sound and touch.

It is important that we figure out which of our senses is the strongest sense, because that is the road well travelled to the soul. We need to use that as a short cut to getting closer to our true selves, and also realise that we need to exercise our other senses more - because our senses work best together.

Our dominant sense also reveals a lot about our personality. The way we perceive the world and the people around us - and how to use our other senses to our best advantage - will help improve our lives.

Work out how we view our world

We are all individuals, so we will find our dominant sense in our own way. If our ears don't miss a thing and we listen well, then it's possible that sound marks our dominant sense. However, there is the danger that constantly listening makes us less demonstrative of our own intents and feelings, as we're too busy reading that of others.

For some of us, the visual moves us like nothing else can. We like eye contact, and believe firmly in only those things we can see. Such a perception of the world means that we concentrate hard on ourselves, others and our environment. But, in our haste and blind faith in what we see, we can forget that life is full of optical illusions and sometimes things are not as they seem.

Then there are those of us that need to feel or touch the things and the people who form part of our lives. If we need to feel before we can think, then it is our touch that helps us 'see' the world. That can mean that we are too sensitive to our surroundings; when the atmosphere is relaxed so are we, but a bad atmosphere can affect us a lot. We don't hide our feelings and reactions easily.

The aim should be to control the dominant sense, so that our perceptions can have collaborating cues from the other senses. Our eyes might trick us in our relationships with the people we love, or our hearing may fail us, but very rarely will all our faculties fail.

And sometimes viewing a situation through one of our lesser used senses - the road less travelled as it were - may open us up to new sensations that we would not have experienced otherwise.

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