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Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Love Library

love is a library,
a record-keeper
for existence;
of spiritual integration
and disintergration
beyond all reason,
it marks lovers the ways
to all the materials
leading to its core:

some still search
through subscriptions
to potential passions,
immersed in
weekly publications,

while some check through
the catalogues
of all the hearts
that have ever
beat a pulse for two,

a select few
look among the prints of
first editions;
tracing a
particular book that

once looked for hard enough,
is found to be
hiding inside the
highest raft
of a dusty shelf,

while one or two
sitting in some well-lit
corner of the library,
just open a book up
to play the game,
failing to realise that
memorising doesn't
necessarily mean
they won't need to
read again.

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