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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tarkan Works Update

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Trekstor products at CeBITTarkan made an appearance of a kind at the CeBIT fair, the world's largest computer expo, recently. Chip Online reported that a customised Tarkan i.Beat player was unveiled at the exhibition.

In conjunction with Tarkan's own company HITT and German manufacturer of MP3 players and storage media Trekstor, the luxury product is scheduled for release with the music artist's latest album.

The Lorsch-based company has a similar project with US artist Pink.

CeBIT, German for "Centre of Office and Information technology", is held each spring on the fairground in Hanover, Germany. The 2007 expo dates are 15 March to 21 March.

In The Turkish Press

Manolo Blahnik on a trip to IstanbulMeanwhile, as domestic press speculation rises over which company will sponsor him now that his successful 2-year partnership with GSM operator Avea is over, Tarkan also made an appearance in a Turkish interview with Manolo Blahnik, whose shoes to wear - Madonna is quoted to have said - "are better than sex".

Running the interview under the headline "I Listen To Tarkan When I Work", Turkish newspaper Sabah reported the Spanish fashion designer as saying, "I'm a Tarkan fan. I'm always listening to him when I'm working, he gives me a buzz. If you know him, please thank him on my behalf for the energy and joy his music gives to me."

During his recent trip to Istanbul, when asked if the 64-year-old Blahnik ever wanted to meet Tarkan, he stated however, "I'd rather leave him in my dreams, it's more exciting that way."

Tarkan's Good Works

Banner at Tarkan.comFurther developments reported in the press include Tarkan's plans for African aid.

Having expressed his decision to dedicate himself to charity work in recent magazine interviews for TimeOut and Hello!, and in a radio interview for Dutch station FunX, papers now report that Tarkan plans to give concerts "to support the fight against poverty in Africa, global warming, refugees and the preservation of nature" in the latter half of the year. However, this has not as yet been verified by official sources at time of writing.

Meanwhile, in a quirky press report, Tarkan's concert in French venue Bercy Hall may have been cancelled, but he still got to "sing" in Paris recently.

On March 18, at the 2007 FIG Gymnastics World Cup championships held at the same arena in Paris, female Chinese gymnast Ye Fan executed her moves to Tarkan's "Şıkıdım" song. The report goes on to state that when asked where the song came from, the Chinese team replied, "We're not sure, but we think it's by an Indian singer."

And finally, alongside conflicting press rumours over May-June release dates for his Turkish pop album, Tarkan's official site has been under change for some time, with plans for a "new look" to coincide with the release of the singer's new works in 2007.

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