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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Things This Week

From the news:
  1. Coffee is no boost in the morning.
  2. The woman who invented the modern incarnation of Mother's Day was so distressed by its commercialisation that she tried to copyright the date to protect her idea. She failed.
  3. The brief flowering of the cherry blossom tree is taken so seriously in Japan that forecasts are used to plan festivals, and travel agents use them to plan tours.
  4. Northern Russia is home to more than 40 indigenous peoples, all of whom have their own language
  5. To be found attractive, women should sway their hips and men their shoulders (although researchers call this a "shoulder swagger").
  6. In the US more couples are seeking separate bedrooms.
  7. The tentacles of the colossal squid caught by New Zealand fisherman would make calamari rings the size of tractor tyres.
  8. Dog is a popular food in Nigeria.
  9. A rise in crematorium funerals in Britain is causing an increase in damaging mercury emissions in the air from melted dental fillings.
  10. In France incest is not illegal.

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