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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thirty Things

Things we may not have known thrown out by the news headlines:
  1. Buddhism forbids devotees from harming any living creature.
  2. The Quakers invented the modern protest campaign - in calling for an end to the slave trade – deploying petitions, consumer boycotts, images, a logo and a slogan.
  3. Harvesting rhubarb in candlelight helps preserve its flavour.
  4. When the law banning driving while using a hand-held phone was introduced in the UK it was only two hours before the first motorist fell foul of it.
  5. The US state of Arizona has the nation's toughest laws on child abuse and exploitation.
  6. Christiania has functioned as a region of lawlessness for some 30 years in Denmark.
  7. Alcohol and tobacco are more "harmful" than cannabis, ecstasy and LSD according to a new ranking drawn up by the Lancet.
  8. Two sniffer dogs have been so successful hunting pirated films in Malaysia that crime bosses have put a price on their head, officials say.
  9. Indonesia is home to the world's largest Muslim population.
  10. At least 13 million Muslims are thought to live in European states.
  11. Bangkok in Tailand is a notorious destination for sex tourism.
  12. Daat Emet is an organisation that supports Israelis who leave their ultra-orthodox communities to join the secular world.
  13. Early man couldn't drink milk.
  14. Women's heart health may benefit more from hugs than men's, a 2005 study suggests.
  15. A tooth implant is being designed to release drug medication.
  16. Medics urge the 'kiss of life' to be dropped from emergency aid.
  17. Mouse cloning is much more difficult than creating cow, sheep or pig clones.
  18. A study of medieval Islamic art has shown some of its geometric patterns use principles established centuries later by modern mathematicians.
  19. The lyrics to hymn "Morning Has Broken" were penned by the late Eleanor Farjeon, and not by Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam).
  20. In Hollywood scripts that are bought by a studio but never made into a movie are "optioned".
  21. A Hollywood director believes Jesus had a son named Judah and was buried alongside Mary Magdalene.
  22. Worshipping celebrities brings success.
  23. Pop singer Britney Spear's hair was auctioned for $1m on e-bay.
  24. The Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" sold for £467,200.
  25. Office workers risk blood clots.
  26. US city New York has banned the use of the "n-word".
  27. Technology addiction is on the rise.
  28. Motion-capture methods are where computers read sensors which monitor the movements of an actor.
  29. In Rome people believe that lovers will spend their lives together if they write their names on a padlock and place it on the Ponte Milvio's third lamp post, coming from Corso Francia, then throw the key in the Tiber.
  30. A FID is a man who wants to be a "fully involved dad".

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