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Monday, March 19, 2007

We Have Value

Whether we realise it or not, we are on a constant search for something. It could be a completely materialistic or an inner spiritual search, but we are all looking - even if it's a type of "negative looking" by simply waiting - directly and indirectly for a certain something.

Truly happy people give up the search for materalistic things, and people on a spiritual journey soon realise that enlightenment does not come from the "something" looked for, but from themselves. Then it becomes clear that although the certain something has many different shapes, forms and faces, really it carries the same objective.

We are searching for faith in ourselves.

If by stacking up wealth, status symbols, and even sexual partners we are trying to reaffirm faith in ourselves that we deserve to be treated as human beings, then it's futile to collect stuff to add to our value. We as human beings give things value, they don't - or rather shouldn't - add to ours.

We have value, no matter what our shape, colour or creed from the moment we are born. Our birth gives us that value, we do not have to go looking in search for it. We do not have to accumulate wealth to demand for it, or become a celebrity to justify it; we all have value.

We just need to remind ourselves of this - the most important of all life's rules - everyday.

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