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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Believe

For a heathly mind and soul, we all need things to believe in. Here are twenty things I believe in:
  1. I believe that love is as strong and real as hate or fear.
  2. I believe that every man in order to become a man - no matter what his sexual preference - needs to know the love of one good woman.
  3. I believe in the fundamental goodness of human beings.
  4. I believe we all have value.
  5. I believe that every living thing on this planet - not just us - has inalienable rights.
  6. I believe in being, and in celebrating who I am, not just what I do. I also believe that it is more important to know who I am becoming more that what I can do. Though in our modern world it is difficult, I believe we should focus more on becoming human beings, not human doings. I believe we need to place more emphasis on what and who we are - and what we can be - rather than what we can "do".
  7. I believe that in whatever we do, it should be done with courage, conviction and sincerity. If even the smallest thing is done with courage, it gets respect. We should learn to live our lives that way.
  8. I believe in being authentic and true to myself. If we constantly dim our light to let others' light shine the world becomes a little darker, but if we remain true to our inner good, then everything we do will be correct for us and for the good of all others. We must show ourselves respect and know the difference between mistakes and wrong choices. Seriously wrong choices are made when we fail to learn from our mistakes.
  9. I believe in being happy and content with my lot. It is a hard lesson to learn, but one that never fails to teach. I also believe in gratitude and appreciation; gratitude for my every present moment, and appreciation of every person that is willing to touch my life for the better. I believe in the blessings of the people that have nurtured me, and I believe they are owed my respect and loving. As we should not put ourselves in second place, neither should we relegate the ones we love to come behind us either.
  10. I believe in treating everyone with the gentleness and care they deserve. There can never be any reason for violence, except in to diffuse it by self-defence. Violence only begets more violence.
  11. I believe that I am here to serve my fellow human beings; we are here to serve each other. "He that is greatest among you shall be your servant," Jesus is alleged to have said. Nobody has one chance in a billion of being thought really great after a century has passed except those who have been the servants of all.
  12. I believe that sometimes we need to be a spectator of the events in our life. When we are in pain, or experience sorrow we have to ride it out with a certain amount of acceptance, and learn to turn the pages in these necessary chapters of our lives. Rain sustains life as well as the sun, and so we need to understand that pain and loss are a part of our make-up, too.
  13. I believe that ultimately life is good. Our lives are to be enjoyed, to be lived to the full. Life is neither a game nor a dream, but a game of the greatest dreams imaginable.
  14. I believe that we must live in the present moment, but use the past as a map to lead us to our future.
  15. I believe we are here to make a heaven on earth for our future generations. This should be our main goal. I believe we can help reduce murder, rape, drug addiction, alcoholism, and other dire problems facing humanity today, by striving together to develop a world of good human beings.
  16. I believe we can improve ourselves by improving our knowledge, education, skills, and experience.
  17. I believe in maintaining a proactive positive attitude by being confident and in control with my dealings with people, and contributing my help whenever the opportunity arises.
  18. I believe we need to be cooperative and tolerant of situations we do not understand, and that we should only criticise at half the scrutiny we use to criticise ourselves. We should always listen to the views of others, and consider alternatives.
  19. I believe we should not take offense easily, or be quick to speak in anger or haste.
  20. I believe we need to work at immortality; by proper cultivation of our lives the soul becomes indestructible, and its activity will continue after death. It's like the sun, which to our eyes seems to set at night but in reality only goes to diffuse light elsewhere. However, if we can't connect to our source in life, how can we hope to do it in death? It is not our bodies or the world that really blocks out our inner light, but our own refusal to see it.

Now it's your turn. What do you believe in?

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