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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Vital Verses


the most wonderful work
lives not on paper
or on the screen,

it is hard to reach,
distant remembrances
of lost dreams
too fragile to chain
to self-serving sentences,

it is a mist of air
that caresses faces
as sunrise lingering
on sleeping skin;


the most vital verse
is the one undressed,
that never rests

by a full stop or
limits itself
to a whimsical word,
it goes on living
off its medium,

separated from neither
heart nor soul,
it is a ship constantly
steering toward home;


the most perfect poetry
is the one composed
free of paper cages,

internal compositions
drifting undisclosed
in glowing thoughts,
feeding warmth
to starving eyes

by reciting its best poems,
the ones living vibrant
yet shy, in every
thought of you and I.

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