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Friday, April 20, 2007

You Believe

In a recent post*, I asked people what they believed in. Here's how they responded:
  1. I believe in less rage and more love.
  2. I believe that every single person has a true love out there.
  3. I believe that only love and acceptance can destroy hate, no matter how long it might take. No one ever conciously wants to be miserable... Misery and negativity, no matter how much it blinds someone, can always be overcome. I think once you've had a taste of true happiness, it will never be totally forgotten, and deep down we will always be striving for such an experience again. And then people will realise how much better and simpler it is to be happy than be negative and use violence and rashness to gratify their immediate needs.
  4. I believe we shouldn't ever think of people as "weird" because they are different, and instead be accepting of other peoples' differences, and try to step into their shoes once in a while. We may not know what it is like to be them, where they are coming from, and what they could be going through.
  5. I believe a small unconditional gesture of affection and/or respect by anyone, even a stranger, or an animal, can mean a lot to someone. It can brighten up someone's day, it could even save a life.
  6. I believe in respect. Respect for self, other and the world. I think we are rapidly losing respect. This truely saddens me. Often if you do not respect others, you do not respect yourself. I think if people would believe in the basic principal and follow the idea of respecting people, things and space, our world would regain so much that has been lost.
  7. I believe that respect must be taught through showing respect, not by fear.
  8. I believe that we have to be a light for children in darkness. Your post on role models made so much sense to me, I began to wonder what exactly is it that I'm teaching my own children?
  9. I believe that all religions are one and equal. War is merely a struggle for power, disguised in the name of religion. Only love is the ultimate power in this world.
  10. I believe in spending time in solitude and doing something that we love to do everyday for few hours. It is an opportunity to connect with our innerselves.
  11. I believe Mother earth is the best gift we received. We should try with our best ability to attend to it, to nurture and appreciate it, not to let it be destroyed at the expense of economic development. After all nature is part of our soul.
  12. I believe that trees have souls.
  13. I believe that no living entity has the right to wear the skin or fur of another (once) living thing.
  14. I believe we are all the same. We have much more in common than we think.
  15. I believe in true friends, that worry, support and truly care and listen with open hearts and minds. The love of my true friends cannot be measured and can only be felt.
  16. I believe we need to think before we speak.
  17. I believe in the freedom and independence of women...and men.
  18. I believe that real guardian angels exist in this world, and that even though they might not know it themselves, they are put on this earth to help others.
  19. I believe in miracles.
  20. I believe we all need to believe in something.

Contributions: 1 from Sarah in Scotland, 2 from MN in Holland, 3, 4 & 5 from Pavithra in Singapore, 6 from Sue in New York (USA), 7 from X in China, 8 from Clara in Austria, 9,10 & 11 from Kate in Canada, 12 from John in Prague (Czech Republic), 13 from Martha in LA (USA), 14 from Stanley in England, 15 from Sue in New York (USA), 16 from V in Armenia, 17 from K in India, 18 from Muge in Turkey, 19 from Max in Germany, 20 from E in Italy.

Notice: It was very kindly brought to my attention that my email address published in my last post "I Believe" was incorrect (now removed). So to all those generous readers who wished to contribute and had their emails rejected I apologise. Though your effort may not have reached me, your best intentions did.

I also thank you, however, and all the others that somehow managed to make it into the DeLuxe box anyway, because notwithstanding the small error we were snowed under with comments. It was difficult for me to choose twenty, and I changed the list several times.

P.S. I believe that I have the best readers in the world. I want you to believe it, too.

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