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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Love Be All

love be like music
that even in silence
sings in the memory,
or like scent
that in changing air
still lives within
the quickened sense,

don't slip away
as traceless
or as unrecorded
as thawed snow,
wherever the first
touch of fingers go
when hands part,
don't go;

be the renovation
that raises
the essential
architecture to
rebuild the soul,
be all that translates
life's human phrases;

neither let sleep rest easy
in a heart's broken bed,
nor be as distant
as next morning's sun
to the evening air,
give a harder tread
to sleeping dreams,

be the philosophy
that defeats
all others,
imbed honesty
in the smallest of things;
give me piety in its
most holiest guise,

as though to earn
God's good measure
make me believe,
show me a sunrise
that blinds all lies,
make me, break me,
and re-make me,
just don't let me be.

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