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Sunday, May 20, 2007

News Things to Wonder

Current events that leave us wondering:
  1. The whole Arab world publishes fewer books than the country of Turkey.
  2. For the first time an ancient graveyard for gladiators has been identified in Turkey.
  3. One of the world's oldest libraries is being closed down by the Vatican.
  4. The smoking room will become outlawed in England on 1 July, 2007.
  5. Hair loss in humans might be reversible.
  6. Nearly half of pregnancies are unplanned.
  7. A wallet misplaced during a romantic embrace has been returned to its forgetful owner after 55 years.
  8. The Receiver of Wreck in the UK can impound treasure from shipwrecks until ownership is decided, which can take years.
  9. Some of the UK's best-selling chocolate bars were to use the stomach lining of young calves, but the idea was quickly rejected.
  10. Studies suggest fasting can extend lifespan.

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