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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tarkan News Round-up

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Summarising Tarkan news in Turkish papers this month, the singer has featured in a mix of articles. In the countdown to his latest release, the most central Tarkan story in May, picked up by most of the daily papers, has been the singer's reported "reign of terror" against the paparazzi in Antalya.

Tarkan Terror?

Photographs taken show a frustrated Tarkan waving his arms at an equally frustrated pressReporting from the incident scene, İbrahim Laleli's main story distributed by the Doğan News Agency was picked up on May 18 and carried by other newspapers under such headlines as "Dangerous Pursuit" (Kelebek), "Road Rage Tarkan (Günaydın) and "Tarkan's Tense Tracking" (Takvim).

The articles ran a piece that described a tense chase between the celebrity press and Tarkan's security, after the paparazzi had caught sight of the singer sticking his head out of his vehicle's sunroof while driving to a popular holiday resort in Antalya for a photograph shoot.

The road chase almost ended with an accident, resulting in a fiery confrontation between the press and Tarkan's bodyguard at the resort. Heavily criticised for such dangerous antics, photographs taken reveal a frustrated Tarkan waving his arms at an equally frustrated press.

Tarkan Plain and Simple

On the other side, in an Ece Vahapoğlu interview with Betül Mardin for Takvim towards the start of the month, Turkey's top press agent has suggested that Tarkan is prone to be forgotten because he lacks good management.

"I don't know what Tarkan's been up to this year," Mardin reportedly said, when asked if she found Tarkan successful.

"I don't know where he's at, that's my only concern. Tarkan disappears suddenly, then makes an appearance, and is embraced by the Turkish public on his return. But after that he disappears again. In truth he has to do something in between these periods. But he's failing there. He could give his support to some social cause."

The subject of his return was taken up by the Akşam paper, which has run a story suggesting that Tarkan will be releasing his latest studio album in July, complied from his own songs and with only one Sezen Aksu track in the play list (less than Tarkan originally suggested during a TV report). Akşam correspondent Özlem Uçar, quoting Tarkan's manager for Turkish affairs Uygar Ataş, also writes that Tarkan is intending to swap elaborate costumes worn in the past for a new "plain and simple" look.

Meanwhile, wondering if Tarkan will be a summer hit with a report of a scheduled single out in June under his own record label HITT, Cengiz Semercioğlu, for Hürriyet newspaper's magazine supplement Kelebek, reflects whether the run up to summer '07 is going to get hotter in the battle for the top slot between Tarkan and other pop artists.

And finally, no mixed reactions in a Takvim report that states Tarkan's economic pull. In over 168 hotels and places of entertainment across the globe, Tarkan's song "Şıkıdım" is among the most requested, helping to generate nearly one million dollars in royalties for the Turkish music industry every year.

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