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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Press Deflate Tarkan's Air

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

In print, Tarkan is once more the focus of Turkish newspapers as they continue to publish negative reviews about the singer's recent appearance at Antalya's Open Air Theatre.

Not openly critical of what was described as a "spectacular, musical experience", the reporting was a more subtle attack on Tarkan's refusal to admit reporters to get video footage of the show.

Going with such headlines as "Tarkan caused a storm in Antalya", most stories ran with the line that the singer refused journalists entry to the concert, with some asserting that he refused to go out on stage until the theatre had been cleared of all media representatives.

Especially one report by Kanal VIP emphasised the point by suggesting that they "would have liked to publish video footage of the great show, but would make do with archived footage instead".

Leading in the same report, another point made was that the capacity crowd was mainly made up of foreign fans, with hints that this could either be interpreted as a tourism tactic or as a sign that Tarkan's popularity in Turkey itself was fading.

Tarkan is making the domestic headlines with a new duet with female singer Sibel Can.In subsequent TV magazine reports over the weekend, the news regarding Tarkan has been positive, but these have all been about the recent collaboration between the singer and Sibel Can.

Evidence of the musical partnership had caused a stir days before the release of Can's album, when the resulting video footage of the two stars working in the studio was aired on the Net and on TV.

Subsequently however, with Can's album now released, the extent of Tarkan's input is not as extensive as as previously reported. Tarkan composed and advised during the recording of the song, but the two artists did not perform a duet. Tarkan provided backing vocals, to what is hoped will be a summer hit.

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