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Monday, June 04, 2007

Taking the Heat Off?

Analysis by Mark Mayhey reporting from London, UK

UPDATE: This concert was subsequently scrapped. (June 2007)

Istanbul has joined London, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro and Hamburg as official Live Earth host cities, but will Tarkan take part?On May 15 in Istanbul, local organisers had announced that the city would join London, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro and Hamburg as official Live Earth host cities and open its doors to an official Live Earth concert event on July 7, 2007. With this being the largest organisation ever to hit the ancient city, would Tarkan, its most popular adopted son take part?

The City of Istanbul Hosts Live Earth

Live Earth is the 24-hour, 7-continent concert series to combat global warming. The profit from the Istanbul concert will go to clubs and associations supporting Live Earth. Among these are the Clean Sea Association, the Nature Association, TEMA (Association for Struggle against Erosion, Forestation and Protection of Natural Creatures in Turkey), and WWF (Association for Protection of Natural Life).

Now call me a cynic, but hasn't Tarkan been giving out sound bytes in various interviews that he wishes to grab hold of a social cause, and is greatly concerned over the current furore of climate change?

When the press sheet hit my desk, I immediately reached for my phone to call Purple Concerts in Istanbul. Founded by Marcel Avram, Alan Cattanach and Cengizhan Yeldan to promote local and international concerts and shows in Turkey, it is the local organiser of the Istanbul leg of the up-coming global extravaganza.

I was informed that heading the event, Al Gore will be in Istanbul on June 12 to announce the participants at Live Earth Istanbul. I was also told that when compared with organizations like the Eurovision Song Contest and the European Champions League, it is the biggest organisation ever to have landed in the country's cultural capital. Two billion people have never simultaneously connected live with the city before, as they will on the July 7.

The Istanbul concert line-up so the sponsors say will consist of a total of 28 groups, domestic and international acts.

My next question was, so will Tarkan be taking part? The organisers wouldn't give out any details that I can publish, and Ali Yildirim has requested I not make any suggestions.

However, if Tarkan appeared in front of such a large audience, surely it would take the heat off from some of the pressure he's been feeling lately to the up-run of his new Turkish release? What better promotion could an artist ask for?

And if he doesn't appear on the final play list, what could the reason possibly be?

Picture from Live Earth.

The views in this article are those of the author alone.
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