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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tarkan Treachery

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

As Tarkan's musical hiatus continues - and so too his silence - the noise from his critics' camp steadily grows louder by the day.

Magazine columns are filled with one Turkish artist's claim that Turkish singers singing in English is similar to treason. Although Tarkan's name wasn't given by the celebrity, most gossip pages ran with the lead that the attack was aimed at the singer, whose latest Turkish album could suffer humiliating domestic sales as a result of committing "musical treason" with his insistence on releasing an English language album.

Meanwhile, prominent columnist Ali Eyüboğlu, writing for Milliyet newspaper, has strongly criticised Tarkan's recent musical collaboration with female artist Sibel Can.

Tarkan is making the domestic headlines with a new duet with female singer Sibel Can.Headlined as "Tarkan's Become Sibel's Sycophant" - a polite term for ass kisser - Eyüboğlu's criticism involves not the song, but the song credits on Can's latest album cover.

Of the opinion that Can has paid too much homage to Tarkan's minor involvement in the release, Eyüboğlu contends that, in comparison to Sezen Aksu's contributions to Can's previous and latest album, Tarkan's musical input is not in the same league.

In his article he asks: "There is an [extra] "Applause" part [in the song's credits] that names Tarkan, Sibel Can and their managers...from a team that has patented sycophancy...does applause have a signature?" By playing on the Turkish word "şakşak" - which can mean a toady flatterer or the sound of applause - Eyüboğlu describes the display of self-applause as "comical".

About Can's album, but on different lines, Bugün's columnist Bilal Özcan also mentions Tarkan. Even though Özcan praises Tarkan's song, his article is filled with subtle attacks directed at the singer, while also suggesting that even though the song is great, in his opinion it isn't the best piece of the album.

Calling the song "beautiful", he goes on to clarify however that he does not believe Tarkan would give such a hit song to Can for free. "I've been in this industry for 30 years and I know that all such relationships are false. If Tarkan had put this song in his own album he'd have been born again [musically]. If he can afford to give such songs away, who knows what songs he's holding on to. I'll patiently wait Tarkan's August postponed album. I hope he won't disappoint."

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