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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


If you don't like too much gush, too much sweet language that makes you feel sickly, then please leave this Tarkan Deluxe post now.

Without entering too far into the dangerous territory of overkill, I wanted to take the time to write out a little aside about my feelings, simply because I'm overwhelmed by you.

That's right. You've overwhelmed me.

All those readers that have constantly been emailing me to get updates on my well-being, to ask if I need anything, to thank me for the posts or to offer help for the refugees I have met, have overwhelmed me with their humanity.

Sometimes - no most of the time - we need to allow people to take refuge in our hearts. If we have given ourselves enough time to clean up our most sacred house and we trust its foundations, it is the best church for sanctuary. Sometimes we may get little thanks, but sometimes the thanks we'll get will sing loud.

Thank you for being part of that chorus.

All these mails have given me voice; they have given me joy. In turn they have given others even more joy. All your words have taught us to sing so loud, that we are heard all across the world - from China to the USA, from Iran to Italy.

Thank you for being part of our song that we sometimes sing at Tarkan Deluxe.

What does it cost to be nice? It might not take too much time to share a few kind words or to offer support, but its worth is priceless.

Do good, and good will follow you I was told once. I've always believed in that. I've always tried to open my heart to others, because it belongs to others more than me. Its foundation belongs to me, but all its spaces were made for the inhabitants we must share our worlds with - our inner and outer worlds.

I just have one more thing to say.

For never letting me forget that we are truly part of a divine Creation's greatest creation, dear reader, thank you.

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