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Monday, September 10, 2007

A Little of Me Disappears Each Time

love always runs into unfamiliar patterns,
however many times the brain
tries to map the sea of changes,
I drown in you,

even when I am not with you
a glimpse of something,
or a key of sound,
our song that suddenly sings
from a shop window
unlocks me.

poor logic tries to point out
cures with clinical detachment,
but addiction overflows with a longing,
remembering the shapes of you
when in places out of reach.

in a life before this
I was ignorant of the sky,
you taught me to look up,
and now I can see nothing
but stars in a galaxy of skin,

fires of the night
that refuse to wink out
in the oasis I'm in,
rippled moonlight,
a little bit of me
disappears each time I dip in.

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