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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Second Recitals

Another selection of my poetry:

Tribute to Tribulation »
tribulation's sea is blue-black night,
but we still see the stars,
altars of extraordinary light
in which hope is a seed
scattered through us,
hoping that if we sow
one day we'll reap,
so when we fall to the soil
cut down by a brother's ignorance,
the more we kill us
the more we shall become.

An Honest Poem »
I want honest,
generous poetry,
one that speaks
with a whisper to the ear,
its wisdom walking
on the pinpricks of
hair follicles that flow,
keeping even pace with the veins
that run with the blood below.

I want raw poetry,
delivered piping hot
from rough edges,
demanding life's full respect,
unbowed, unashamed placing
its heart on a stranger's sleeve,
not filtered or diluted
by shallow graves
of pretty vocabulary.

I want sustenance from poetry,
grounding in you and me
a harvest for my share of bread,
a plough of knives
working to cut the
deep in us, if not
to make us grow
at least to give us air.

Exposé »
when love never laughs
the deep, free laugh
of a lover comfortable
in its own skin,
there is the biting irony
that it has become a morbid joke,

when each other's face and eyes
are just a daily exposé
of a shared abuse,
fraud finally discovered,
there is a heart reporting
we have become yesterday's news.

Virginity »
loving her
was like losing my virginity.
once it was done
there was no turning back for me.

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