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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

High Road to Fame

"Cultural Mosaics" by Timi, writing from Budapest, Hungary

About a year ago, here at Tarkan DeLuxe I showcased a young talent, Emre Aydın, suggesting that most probably we are going to hear about him more. Well, it's high time that I summed up his year!

Ever since I wrote that initial introduction, Emre's life has changed a lot. In less then a year, this short, shy guy who always seems somewhat clumsy on stage, in his pretty shirts, wacky scarves and unimaginable hairdos, with a single guitar has literally conquered his home country. First it was just the début single, Afili Yalnızlık that was basically flowing like a river out of every single radio and television station. I remember his first clumsy moves onto the stage to take his Powertürk award, his nervous smile at the ceremony and the apologetic looks in his eyes when he forgot the prestigious award on stage and had to run back for it... It was clear he was not used to the spotlight. His face turned chilli red when the host of a talk show pushed a calendar portraying a half-naked porn star riding a horse into his hands to "review it". I won't ever forget his comment: "Umm... nice..... horse". He seemed like a naive, simple guy who was surprised to find himself labelled a "star".

In less then eight months Emre gave more than 130 live concerts throughout Turkey, clearly breaking whatever record had existed before. He took home more than 19 industry awards, for best album, best song, best lyrics & music, best singer, best video and only God knows for what else. His official forum counts nearly 90 000 registered fans, a lot more than Kenan Doğulu or Mustafa Sandal's official forums can boast. He is undoubtedly one of the biggest successes of recent years.

Losing the way on the high road to fame

So the question might turn up: has anything changed since his début song came out? Well, I was watching some of his live concert videos and interviews on YouTube and I noticed a few things. His voice sounds much more clear than before, and he is certainly a lot more confident on stage. When he speaks, he speaks with confidence, his simplicity and shyness is gone. I remember how he would blush at the comments and questions of Okan Bayülgen in the show called Makine and what a low voice he was talking on. It's all gone. Now it seems he is fully aware of his talent and his popularity. He is three hundred percent braver in his statements, and there came a sense of "biggerness" into his way of moving and speaking, if you understand what I mean. The artist became a star. A celebrity.

He has lost his innocence.

He is still nice and friendly and his smile is still beautiful, but... He apparently stepped onto the high road to fame, and seems like there's no return. I really do hope he is not going to entirely lose himself on the way, and become a casual "celeb" with foibles and petty mannerisms, thinking he's larger than life.

I do hope that there is still something of the Emre I met a year ago under the mask of fame, some innocence behind the experience; the nice, clumsy and adorable real Emre hidden in emreaydın, the trademark.

Watch Emre Aydın:
Git (Go), directed by Yon Thomas.

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