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Monday, November 19, 2007

Tarkan Press Clippings

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Top Pop Meets Top Jock

One of the world's most famous trance DJs, Tiësto, who was in Istanbul last Friday as part of his Elements of Life tour, met one of the world's most famous Turkish singers behind stage before the start of the show.

In an interview for newspaper Sabah before arriving in the Turkish cultural capital, Tiësto had remarked that he knew of Tarkan, while Turkish paper Milliyet reported after the show that the 10 thousand strong crowd was kept waiting, because Tiësto wouldn't go on until he had met Istanbul's first pin-up boy.

It is claimed that Tarkan didn't stay for the duration of the event, but left after speaking with Tiësto for 15 minutes.

His third time on Turkish soil, Dutch-born Tiësto had made other previous comments to the Turkish media that the only Turkish singer he had heard of was Tarkan.

"But who hasn't heard of him?" the DJ was quoted to have said.

Other Clippings from the Turkish Papers

Other Tarkan-related news in the Turkish press includes the story that Tarkan is constructing a large Turkish hamam (steam bath) in his newly acquired villa in Istanbul, while an interview with one-time backing singer Murat Boz suggests Boz is biting the hand that once fed him. Plus one of Norway's top newspapers started a curious voting game to the up-run of a football match with Turkey, and a body language expert is quoted to have said that Tarkan is "godlike" on stage.

Hot Hamams and a Cooling Boz

Recent reports claim Tarkan is building a $200,000 Ottomanesque steam bath, designed by an American architect for his new home in Istanbul. And while it is rumoured that his latest Istanbul home will include his own personal recording studio, too, it seems that Boz won't be invited to visit the famous singer at his newest home any time soon.

In an interview for Billboard magazine headlined "I Have to Strip" (November 3, 2007) the novice celebrity made some stinging remarks about his one-time employer.

When asked if he shys away from the attention of fans, Boz reportedly made an obvious swipe at Tarkan. "I find the claims of singers that say they feel suffocated by the attention and have to leave the country and go abroad as exaggerated," he said.

In response to other questions, Boz also mentioned that he didn't like to be known as Tarkan's "heir apparent" and alluded to Tarkan's English language album. In regard to Turkish stars releasing English language works, Boz said, "We saw Tarkan [try this]. Maybe it's wrong to say he "flopped", but we have to accept it is a different thing altogether to do."

Tarkan had supported Boz by giving him a composition for his album, but backing-singer Boz cooled towards the Turkish pop legend when promises of an appearance in a pop video were not forthcoming.

"Godlike" Tarkan

Meanwhile, almost two weeks ago in an interview for Sabah, breathing and body language expert Nevşah Fidan was quoted to have said that Tarkan's stance on stage was "godlike".

She is reported to have said that Tarkan expresses "strength taken from life's energy. Full of joy and contentment, he has a godlike energy." More importantly, she went on to express that his body language on stage reveals that he also understands he gets this power from his fans, and shows his appreciation for it.

And finally, the Milliyet printed the news of a strange voting game by Norway's top paper Verdens Gang in the up-run to last week's football match between Norway and Turkey for the Euro 2008 qualifiers.

Directly translated as "The way of the world", and commonly known as "VG", Norway's largest newspaper reportedly published a list of famous Norwegian things alongside their Turkish counterparts, asking its readers to vote on which would make them the most happy. The paper chose Tarkan as the obvious choice to their own pop idol.

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