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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ten Tarkan Things

Here are ten Tarkan related Internet links, where you can find...

  • Tarkan at Dallas Rafting...the site of Dallas Rafting, a Turkish outdoor sport company set up in 1997 that Tarkan has used. The owner of the company has posted photographs with "his buddy" Tarkan. Whitewater rafting is a recreational activity utilizing a raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water.

  • Tarkan at the Atlantic Sport Center...the site of Atlantic Sports Center in Istanbul. It not only boasts top keep-fit professionals in its training team and the latest equipment (even a café fitted with wireless connection to the Net), the owner was once Tarkan's personal trainer.

  • Ruut Bol's concert photographs of Tarkan in Holland...a small collection of concert photos taken by Ruut Bol that captured Tarkan on stage at the Ahoy, Rotterdam for his March 3, 2007 show. These are copyrighted images and cannot be reprinted without the owner's express permission.

  • Ukraine company that set up Tarkan's show at Maidan...the site of Gali-Leo Martin-Ukraine, the Ukrainian company that set up the stage and laser light show for Tarkan's show at Maidan in 2006. The company calls it the most spectacular show by a world celebrity in the history of Maidan.

  • Tarkan's stage props for his 2006 Harbiye concerts in Istanbul...the site of Yıldız Metal Dekor, the company that designed and constructed the elaborate stage props for Tarkan's 2006 recording breaking Harbiye concerts in Istanbul. It was one of the most expensive sets ever conceived in the Harbiye's show history.

  • Laser light displays at Tarkan's Dudu-era concerts...the site of Gio, an organisation that has been used by Tarkan to set up light and sound displays at some of his Dudu-era concerts. They also provide their services for large personal celebrations such as weddings and birthday events.

  • Cover of Hüseyin Karadayi's You Dance from Istanbul...a remixed version of Tarkan's 2006 English language track "Touch" on the album You Dance from Istanbul by Hüseyin Karadayı. It's rumoured that Tarkan liked it so much he preferred it to the original. The DJ has also remixed Ajda Pekkan and Sezen Aksu tracks.

  • ...the official site of Tarkan guitarist Ayhan Günyıl. You can listen to some tracks on his latest album Skylight (Gökyüzü) in which his employer makes an appearance. As well as giving a song, Tarkan provides vocals on the album's title track (number 9).

  • omertist's artistic rendition of Tarkan...the journal of deviantART member omertist, who has painted a rendition of Tarkan on stage and published it in his journal. deviantART is an international online artistic community featuring many forms of creative expression.

  • Tarkan at Ishtar...the site of Avrupa Gazete, the London based local newspaper for the Turkish community in the city. It had reported Tarkan's January 2007 visit to London's Turkish restaurant Ishtar, where it's claimed that he enjoyed the meal so much he personally thanked the chef.

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