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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Turkish Press Talks Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Turkish daily Bugün's Şebnem Özuzcan has touched upon Tarkan's unreleased domestic album today. Özuzcan reprinted the news reported by Sabah's İpek Durkal - as published by Tarkan Deluxe yesterday - while adding some news of her own.

As usual the newspaper article does not quote any substantial sources, but makes further claims that although the album is planned to be out of production by the new year, its immediate release is not as yet certain. It's said that a release date - which has been postponed twice already - will be ascertained in conjunction with the state of the music market at that time.

Moreover, it goes on to state that Tarkan has tightened studio security concerning his songs, indicating that the artist is anxious not to see a repeat performance of an incident in 2005 when his English language songs had been leaked pre-release. Rumours are that with security tightened outside the recording studios, only select personnel and engineers are being allowed to hear Tarkan's latest songs. A further claim is that the singer is carrying the demos on his person, and using special encryption techniques to protect the tracks.

Tarkan Takes A Tumble

Meanwhile in an article for Hürriyet's magazine supplement Kelebek that hails female pop singer Hande Yener as the new gay icon of Turkish pop music, it also goes on to reveal that Tarkan took eighth listing in the top ten.

Turkish gay rights movement Kaos GL placed Yener at number one for her comments that she "loves homosexuals", while Tarkan's iconic gay status took a tumbling due to negative statements he had made to a Bulgarian magazine commenting about homosexuality in 2006.

Other artists that made it on to the list were Ajda Pekkan at number two, Sezen Aksu at number six and female rocker Şebnem Ferah at number ten.

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