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Sunday, December 09, 2007


US stamp. Celebrate 41¢ single. Release date August 17, 2007. Artist Nicholas Wilton helps acknowledge happy occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries with his 'Celebrate' design.

We have much to celebrate. Life, in all its acts, is a form of celebration; with our friends, our past and present loves, our every day and every moment that is graced with the potential to be all we can be, we give thanks in one form or another to the divinity within us.

This is the best form of prayer. Whatever we choose to believe in, if we celebrate with every fibre of our being, then we are truly acknowledging the divine.

As for me, I believe in humanity. I believe in Life. I believe in us.

And I try to celebrate these as much as I can.

Top picture US Stamp, "Celebrate" 41¢ single, courtesy of artist Nicholas Wilton.

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