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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Come Back Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

As Tarkan fans wait for their idol's comeback to the Turkish music stage, after his English language excursion in 2006, Tarkan Deluxe brings some interesting news nostalgia to its news archives.

Let Go of the Dream

Headlined as "Tarkan Come Back ... Come Back..!*" (26 January, 1997), respected journalist Mehmet Barlaş talks about the pop star regarding his absence from Turkey during the years 1995-1997 and his preference to stay in America.

Catching the eye of American media mogul Ahmet Ertegün, the pop artist had left Turkey and moved to New York towards the end of 1994, due to increasing press pressure over his "pee gaffe" on live Turkish TV, amidst rumours and speculation over the military issue and his sexuality.

Writing for Turkish newspaper Sabah, the journalist starts his piece by mentioning the mini-concert of Turkish classical pieces the young singer recorded for TV. It was done to endear him to the Turkish public once again after the media fiasco over the live broadcast, a clever PR move from Tarkan's then manager Ahmet San.

There's Tarkan and alla turca fasıl on Kanal D. They tell me the same programme had been on at the New Year. But, I had missed it, he writes.

It was the period before Tarkan was to release his third album Ölürüm Sana that summer, and return to Turkey for a series of concerts to promote the project, which was to bring him two major Turkish music industry awards in 1998, and international acclaim.

With unbelievable sincerity and perfection, Barlaş continues, Tarkan moved from song to song. In all honesty he couldn't stand still. He danced where he sat, writhing, almost belly dancing.

I thought about Tarkan's journey.

What was he doing in America?

Ahmet Ertegün says he supports him. With all he has to do, why is he going to spare some time on Tarkan?

Yet, Tarkan is Turkey's real star.

He's a "star from birth". Owns the stage. He knows his traditional songs as well as pop music. He adds his own chemistry to every song he sings.

Moreover this is a large country with 65 million viewers.

What I mean is...

He should leave this "American love affair". He should return to Turkey.

That night, for the Tarkan that took part in the fasıl, what other country could hold any meaning but Turkey?

The Buzz on Tarkan Updates

Meanwhile, while news reports about the gala of the Sezen Aksu movie this week makes no mention of a Tarkan appearance (and Aksu missed it too due to being ill), continuing with nostalgia in today's Saturday edition of Sabah there is an interview with married Turkish model Tülin Şahin Özer and her husband. Nicknamed at one time as the Turkish Cindy for resembling model Cindy Crawford, in the report with the happy couple the retired model remembers Tarkan.

"In June [2001] there was the promotion of Tarkan's Kuzu Kuzu. We were excitedly waiting for that. [Then my husband] proposed to me. I didn't know which one to scream with joy at ..." she is quoted to have said.

And finally, while only Tarkan fans may be waiting with such intense excitement this time around, the fan community did get an unexpected taste of things to come - for about 20 minutes.

Tarkan Deluxe has been inundated with mails informing the blog that yesterday an updated "coming soon" version of the artist's official site had made an appearance on the web for a short period before returning to normal, boasting a brand new design, photos and a melody teaser from a latest track.

Before the posting of this article, we also a received a mail from someone "claiming" to be from Tarkan's official camp requesting us not to publish the photos. Whether the correspondence is true or not, the blog's policy is only to publish such things once the official site wants them made public. Those interested to check out the new promotional media, however, can visit Tarkan's international fan community for further details.

It was recently reported that Tarkan's latest Turkish album release is due to be out for retail on Christmas Eve.

* The words "Geri Dön" (Come Back) from the original news article is a play on words from Sezen Aksu's song of the same name.

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