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Friday, December 14, 2007

More Things of the Day

2007 has been one of the warmest years since 18502007 has been one of the warmest years since 1850.
  1. EU leaders have signed a treaty in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, that is expected to greatly alter the way the multi-nation body operates.
  2. In the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) 91 war crimes suspects have been taken into custody, 63 served with indictments - only four of them still at large - and 44 trials have been heard.
  3. New Jersey is to become the first US state to abolish capital punishment since the US Supreme Court reinstated executions in 1976.
  4. According to figures from the Entertainment Retailers Association, between 2004 and 2006, a quarter of independent record shops in Britain closed down.
  5. US soul legend Ike Turner, the former husband of Tina Turner, has died at the age of 76.
  6. A handwritten copy of Harry Potter author JK Rowling's new book, which will never be published, has sold for almost £2m.
  7. Unlike the Academy Awards, the Globes ceremony has one set of categories for dramas and a separate set for comedies and musicals.
  8. A greedy dog was entered in an eating championship despite nearly ruining the contest by wolfing down 20 competition pies in one sitting.
  9. Scientists in Japan have created a genetically modified mouse which is unafraid of cats.
  10. The Dickin Medal is the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross, awarding animal heroics during times of war.
  11. Washing meat before cooking significantly increasing the risk of food poisoning.
  12. A Canadian man has been shocked to receive a mobile phone bill for nearly $85,000 (£41,000).
  13. Two men attacked a Hindu holy man, cut off his right leg and then made off with it because they believed the limb to have healing powers.
  14. A Kenyan slum child inspired by finding a Manchester University prospectus on a rubbish tip says he is overjoyed to realise his dream of getting a degree.
  15. Princess Diana called her father-in-law "Pa".

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