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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tarkan: We Are Nature

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan appears in YesilAtlas' 10th issueTarkan has written for Atlas magazine's yearly supplement YeşilAtlas, in which he mentions his concerns for the environment and shares the lyrics of an unfinished song he is working on, too.

Tarkan is known for his support of environmental issues and in Turkish TV station Kanal D's weekly entertainment news slot, "Canlı Canlı" (4 September, 2007), he mentioned an "earth-song" type track he had penned for his 2007 album. It is said to deal with the current issue of the environment, while reiterating his concerns over global warming. A video of the TV interview was posted at Tarkan Deluxe, with English subtitles.

If Nature is Well, So Are We

Along with such artists as Turkish pop diva Sezen Aksu and 1997/8 Tarkan stylist, fashion designer Bahar Korçan, the pop artist has written for Atlas, explaining that if "nature is well, then so are we". The artist stresses that: (translation kindly provided by Ali Yildirim)

From the first of day of its existence to now, humankind has taken everything that has given it life from nature. Today, even in the cities we live in that have broken away from nature to an extent, life is completely nurtured by nature. The clean air we breathe, everything we eat and drink, nature silently manufactures for us.

What a shame that in the age we find ourselves in, humans have forgotten the importance of nature for life and is destroying it with a speed never before seen in history. It is for this reason that thousands of living things, forests, fields, water resources, the seasons and ultimately humanity's own future is under threat.

To spur into action for the survival of nature is now as important as breathing to every human being. For we are reborn with every breath, every sustenance taken. If nature is well, then so are we. Nature is us.

Every passing second, every moment is a loss. It's in our hands to bandage the world's wounds, make her better. Come on, united let's make up for what we've done.

A monthly geographical and discovery Turkish magazine published since 1992, Atlas aims to inspire Turkish people to care about the planet. Its online site provides free maps, photos, videos and daily news stories, as well as articles and features about animals, the environment and different cultures.

Its annual special edition YeşilAtlas deals specifically with environmental issues, working on a different theme each year.

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