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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Tarkan Week That Was

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Today, we take a look back at the week's news involving Tarkan that has appeared in the Turkish press and elsewhere. There has been a variety of information published, from ex-colleagues badmouthing the star again to Tarkan's vehicle preferences, from fake celebrity site gossip to even his long-term girlfriend doing some PR for the hideaway hunk.

Tarkan Incognito

Bilge Öztürk speaks up for TarkanCelebrity gossip columnists write ("Tarkan Hushed Up, His Lawyer Speaks", Star Gazete Online 2 Dec, 2007) that a few nights ago while coming out of the theatre, Tarkan's lawyer lady friend Bilge Öztürk gave a "PR speech" to the press about them not seeing too much of Tarkan any more. "You're not going to see Tarkan coming out at night from now on. Because of your persistent following, we've taken the decision not to be seen in public.

"Just because we're famous it doesn't mean we can't walk freely outside. And in Turkey we're finding it difficult to do that. And so generally to be able to be alone we keep going to America. We can walk freely in the streets of America. And sometimes at nights to hide from you, we wear sunglasses, hats, scarves whatever we can find, and relax by walking unhindered in Taksim [Square] and by the shore. Our one wish is that you understand and help us. Tarkan is very important to me. They always ask me what is the greatest gift he has given to you. We have given gifts to each other. And that is our hearts that we promised to one another. He has an album coming out soon and there are songs in there that we have dedicated to one another. I've listened to the songs and I think they are very beautiful. He's working day and night in the studio recording," Öztürk is quoted to have said.

Tarkan "Not in my League"

Meanwhile, as Tarkan's girlfriend defended her man in public, others were getting on the defensive, but for opposite reasons.

Turkish newspaper Sabah's magazine supplement Günaydin yesterday printed the past week's pick of the celebrity gaffes, ending with an unbelievable quote from one-time Tarkan backing singer Murat Boz.

It seems that the novice celeb has been mouthing off again at his ex-employer (whom he had once said was "like a brother") in another interview. "Tarkan isn't the be-all or end-all for me. He isn't a criteria for me. I want to do better. That's why Tarkan isn't in my league. Anyway, he's somewhere, but I don't care where..." he said.

Tarkan had supported Boz by penning him a song for his album, but backing-singer Boz cooled towards the Turkish pop legend when promises of an appearance in a pop video had not been forthcoming.

Tarkan to Perform in the UK?

Absolute EventsRelatively young UK music promoters Absolute Events (London) Ltd has released news on its official site that Tarkan will be performing in Britain soon, under the showcase of "Istanbul Limelight".

Istanbul Limelight is billed as the company's "new concept to showcase the rich musical mosaic from the magical, cosmopolitan city of Istanbul" in London. It brings this "fresh platform of contemporary music" with the aim of becoming "synonymous with quality by featuring Turkey's leading artists and up-&-coming talent to attract thousands of people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds".

The young company already boasts two Istanbul Limelight events in 2007: a one-day outdoor music festival in September that featured multiple artists including the legendary Turkish rock band M.F.O, followed by the "Queen of Turkish Pop" Sezen Aksu in a concert at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in October of this year.

The news about a London performance for the artist is being promoted on the siteAt the time of this publication, with the hastily written words "TARKAN coming soon in LONDON with his NEW ALBUM!", the news about a London performance for the artist is being promoted on the site, but it is not certain whether they are first trying to measure interest in the UK public before any Tarkan appearance becomes official. On further contact with the company, details given are that a March 2008 appearance might be scheduled, suggesting that the show will be staged after the re-release of his Come Closer album.

More information, and video footage of the Aksu Royal Albert Hall appearance, is available on the site. The company's contact details can be found on their contact page.

The company's official blurb states that "Absolute Events aims to produce first class music events featuring the world's best artists to a diverse range of people". It hosted its first event in November 2006 - a cabaret dinner for 750 people.

The privately owned London based Turkish music promotions company was formed in 2006 by businessmen Max Mehmet and Zu Zuhtu.

Tarkan's official artist site or his own music production site have yet to confirm the event.

Updates to Tarkan's Official Concert Calendar

Alongside the report of a London event in March, there is the news about a 2008 May concert in Azerbaijan that was circulated two months ago. Fans have emailed into Tarkan Deluxe to ask why the blog has not updated the blog's concert calendar to add these two dates for next year.

Tarkan Deluxe only publishes dates that official sources from Tarkan's camp have confirmed or posted up through official channels, because the blog is aiming to archive actual concerts that have taken place for future access.

Other News

Other magazine news, headlined as "They Like Big Cars" ( 3 Dec, 2007), reports that Tarkan has "loved Jeeps ever since he was small", and has made his little boy's dream come true by being the owner of a 100,000 Euro Land Rover Jeep.

However, for a celebrity who worries about the state of the environment, surely Tarkan should swap his 4x4 "gas guzzler" for something more climate friendly? Global organisation Greenpeace points the finger at the UK built 4WD Land Rovers for particular criticism as high-polluting cars.

The news also reported that the artist owns a Chevrolet make minibus.

And finally, Sabah supplement Günaydin has revealed that - along with Tarkan - Turkish pop diva Sezen Aksu is the latest celebrity to become a "Facebook victim". The paper went on to write:

"Sezen Aksu like a lot of celebrities is uncomfortable with seeing her name and pictures on Facebook. Most profiles are registered under male pop artists Kenan Doğulu, Tarkan and Mustafa Sandal. More recently someone opened a [fake] profile under Mustafa Sandal's name and invited people to come to a house for auditions to his latest music video."

Ali Yildirim had recently published an article at Tarkan Deluxe, warning of the dangers of Tarkan imposters on the Net.

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