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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tarkan's Site: Metamorphosis

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan's new site designTarkan's own official site is now active, with details about his 2007 album.

His official site at the domain stopped redirecting to the artist's site at Universal after it began to broadcast domestic pre-release details about Metamorfoz, when the new album's name had been made public.

Now, it seems the domain will double up as the album's site, too, until Universal's site is updated later in 2008. Previously, Tarkan had opened up separate sites for his Kuzu Kuzu single (see pic below), Karma album and Dudu EP in addition to his personal site.

Tarkan's website design for his 2001 Kuzu Kuzu singleIn an August 2005 article at Tarkan Deluxe ("The Difference Between Sharing and Stealing") Ali Yildirim had warned that even "the name of an album being released too early could have disastrous effects".

He went on to emphasise that "some person might buy out all the domain names with www.Tarkan(add album title here).com and then ask Tarkan to buy it off them for a silly, high amount of money, or to use as a quick method to get a high number of visitors to their site by tricking them into thinking it is about Tarkan. I'm sure Tarkan has to buy these names well in advance, so if you use your initiative you can try the domain names in searches to see which ones are taken, and guess what the album will be called".

Someone unconnected with Tarkan's official channels has already bought the domain and put it on saleAs if justifying what the owner of Tarkan Deluxe wrote two years ago, someone unconnected with Tarkan's official channels has already bought the "tarkanmetamorfoz" .com domain and put it on sale (see left pic). It seems that the tactic employed by Tarkan to keep the album site on his own domain could have been to offset this and make the danger obsolete. The first time he did this was on the release of his first English language track Bounce in Turkey, when the single's site was hosted at, too. The song "Bounce", along with some other English tracks, had been leaked pre-release to the Internet.

The official 2007 version of Tarkan's site was initially prepared by Trafo, but Sertouch, a one-time fan that found his job via the fan community, has prepared the current site for Metamorfoz. The major differences in design of the temporary site and the current one could also have been to obstruct piracy.

Finally, although the "coming soon" site had an English section, the album site's version still doesn't have an English section at time of writing. The site holds information about the new album in Turkish, and various multimedia.

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