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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crossing Minds and Borders

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

German record label Urban has been sending subscribers to their Tarkan newsletter a press release prepared for the release of Tarkan's 2007 domestic album in Germany. The newsletter includes links to Tarkan's "Vay Anam Vay" music video and Amazon Germany's page for the album.

Urban Records is a German record label subsidiary of the Universal Music Group.

Tarkan's "Vay Anam Vay" music video enhanced Metamorfoz CD will be made available to fans in Germany on 1 February. Urban will be distributing the album in Germany.

The Metamorphosis of "East Meets West" is Complete

Urban's press releaseWritten in German and English, an Urban representative has sent Tarkan Deluxe the original template to distribute to its readers. With Tarkan's oriental vocals and the album's western production, the template flyer presents Tarkan's album as the ultimate merger of East and West.

Heralding the transformation to a world artist as obvious with this album, Urban's press release also states that Tarkan made a return to roots with the album with its home-grown flavours.

The sheet release makes mention of the "Vay Anam Vay" single. To clear up any confusion, this isn't a separate hard copy domestic release. The Turkish music market is not a single orientated industry, but an album based one. Even though Tarkan has released official and promotional singles during his career both at home and abroad, Turkish artists do not usually release separate singles in Turkey, but push sales of the album with music videos to selected tracks instead.

The design of the newsletter also shows that the Braille character mistake on Tarkan's name has now been fixed, and so the European album cover will not carry the previous misprint.

The representative from German music ticket Urban sent the flyer as a token of appreciation for being among the selected few to read Ali Yildirim's English translations to Tarkan's 2007 song lyrics.

Tarkan in London

Fans had been emailing Tarkan Deluxe wanting to get confirmation for the artist's London appearance this year, as their own mails to the organiser's of the British event were not being answered.

Information from the managing director of organiser Absolute Events has confirmed a lack of communication via his office, but has explained it as due to completing last minute sponsorship deals regarding Tarkan in London.

Revealing that he is in Istanbul with Tarkan's management at time of writing, he states that the Tarkan concert in London is "100% on".

He has also confirmed Tarkan in London has been scheduled for the 13th April. Ticket prices have, however, been raised due to what has been cited as "the rising cost of the event" to £30-£70 depending on the class of ticket.

In response to some fans' claims they had personally contacted Wembley Arena to have officials tell them they had no knowledge of such a showing, it has been said that "Wembley will not give any information out" until the managing director gives permission, "which will be the first week in February".

Interested social network Facebook users can subscribe to the page about the concert for the upcoming new flyer about the event or alternatively you can contact the London office by phone at +44 (0)20 7274 3474.

British Homegrown Guests to attend Tarkan at Wembley

The organiser's also want to announce on Tarkan Deluxe that both Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan will be attending Tarkan’s concert at Wembley Arena as V.I.P guests in April 2008. Both actors are personal friends of the managing directors of the company and have been cordially invited as special guests.

Danny Dyer is recognised as being one of the most prolific actors in England having starred in a variety of major films including The Business, Football Factory and Mean Machine. He has also appeared in many TV and theatre productions in both his home town of London and New York.

Tamer Hassan is a well known Turkish Cypriot actor whose career has gone from strength to strength having starred in many hit films such as The Business, Batman Begins and Eastern Promises. He has also appeared in television dramas and soaps prior to his film acting career and has become a household name not only within the Turkish community but throughout the UK.

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