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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Day of a Thousand Kisses

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

After Tarkan Deluxe yesterday reported about the signing day held at Kanyon's D&R store in Istanbul on Friday, fans wrote in to share their experiences with our readers.

Many fans came five hours ahead of time, and waited in long queues that stretched out of the store. Lines of people highly charged with anticipation, eager to see their idol, called out to Tarkan with joyful slogans from his songs when the artist finally made an entrance.

So many of those that have written in to us express the same emotions, that they had many questions they wanted to ask Tarkan - including about the news stories they had discovered at the blog - only to have their lips freeze shut at seeing the star in person.

"It was amazing," wrote one Turkish fan, "I felt as though I had known him all my life. I know it sounds strange, but he is so nice. After seeing him I love him more than ever now. We spoke about his album a little, and I wanted to tell him that I thought it was great, but I could hardly speak."

Another email reveals that one reader came all the way from Germany to Istanbul to see the artist, after reading about the signing day at Tarkan Deluxe.

"He seems like a giant in Istanbul, in his home place. The atmosphere was electric, but there was too many people! We could only have a few seconds with him, but he gave us all a little bit of his time and was very gentle, very, very understanding. He was kissed over a thousand times that day!"

Previous newspaper reports printed that a thousand people attended the signing day, while the length of the event has been reported between two hours and five and half hours by various news sources.

Meanwhile CNN Türk today reported that one forty-year-old female fan told Tarkan at the Friday event that she had given birth to a child just so she could name the child after him.

Video and Photographs of Signing Day

Tarkan pictures at Tarkan Visual
Video footage (3.21 MB/01.24 mins) and photos courtesy of CNN Türk

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