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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Getting Active Globally

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan appears in YesilAtlas' 10th issueIn Atlas magazine's yearly supplement YeşilAtlas, in which Tarkan mentions his concerns for the environment, the article also published song lyrics to an as yet uncompleted song the artist is working on about climate change.

The lyrics are noted for a conceptual similarity with Tarkan's "Hop Hop" track from his Metamorfoz album, in which the artist is inviting people to unite as one to solve their problems.

The article confirms a previous Tarkan Deluxe news story about a song Tarkan was writing for the environment. The artist had first mentioned such a song in a September TV report, and it had been assumed that the song would be released in his 2007 album Metamorfoz.

When the song didn't appear on the release, we reported that the song might be used for the "strategic partnership" the artist has formed with the Turkish nature preservation society Doğa Derneği.

PETA Taking Action

Animal rights' group PETA is urging its members to tell the Turkish prince of pop Tarkan to stop wearing fur on its Asia pacific websiteMeanwhile, as published yesterday, animal rights' group PETA is urging its members to "tell the Turkish prince of pop Tarkan to stop wearing fur" on its Asia pacific website.

Written in English, PETA Asia-Pacific is asking its members to send Tarkan a polite letter asking to to stop wearing fur.

"Turkish pop singer Tarkan has been spotted wearing fur..." the article writes. "Please join PETA Asia-Pacific in telling him to do the compassionate thing and "kiss, kiss" fur goodbye."

It continues, "Tell Tarkan that every time he throws his credit card down to purchase fur, he is not only directly responsible for the deaths of dozens of animals but also sending a clear message to everyone that sees him that animals' lives are less important than fashion. Please write to Tarkan and demand that he do the decent and compassionate thing and stop wearing fur."

The artist is a well-known animal lover, and most believe this to be a stylist error, and that he is wearing imitation fur.

The irony seems to be that his English 2006 album has only now come to global attention after the release of his domestic album Metamorfoz put Tarkan firmly back in the centre of the Turkish music industry.

Tarkan Deluxe also asks all Tarkan fans to enter the site and send their own personal message to Tarkan, and whether fake or not, to stop wearing fur.

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