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Friday, January 04, 2008

Metamorfoz: What Do You Think?

With news that Tarkan's 2007 album Metamorfoz has already reached the artist's benchmark of 300,000 in just over one week, from the negative responses in the Turkish press it is clear what the celebrity and music industry feel about Tarkan's 2007 image and works.

But what do those that really matter, the fans, think?

Since Metamorfoz's release, the mails have been flooding Tarkan Deluxe's in-box about the artist's new work, image and his TRT end-of-year show.

Below I've published a few of the fan mails out of the literally hundreds we've received wanting to share their opinion about the works. The samples below are indicative of the general response we've received, but may not be indicative of the fan community as a whole.

Tarkan Deluxe does not hold itself out as a representative of Tarkan or his fan community.

About Tarkan's 2007 Album

I honestly think that Tarkan completed one of his best Turkish language albums after Aacayipsin and Karma. It was worth waiting. The songs I loved most were "Dilli Düdük", which he performed just after Turkey stepped into 2008, "Dedikodu" and the immensely beautiful slow ballad, "Pare Pare" (which was not aired by TRT). All the song lyrics were written by Tarkan and the music of seven songs were composed by him as well, the rest are collaborations with Ozan Çolakoğlu. Which means that Tarkan now can prove that he can put together a successful - and good quality - album without Sezen Aksu's or Nazan Öncel's help. Though the Karma-songs were also written by mostly Tarkan himself, I think we can say that Metamorfoz is "cleaner" in this sense. Although some have already criticised the album for being "Britney-like", I did not see any similarities, to be honest. The style did surprise me, this is definitely something Tarkan has never done before (though he already wrote a disco-like song, "Bu Gece" for his Ölürüm Sana album). His voice sounds very sexy and mystic. All in all, the album is good.
Teemeah Baksa, Hungary

I am a singer in Greece, I work in Athens and I need to let you know that we musicians follow Tarkan very closely here. His albums give us ideas for the next five years. I flew to Constantinople just to buy this album, and I had to buy copies for all the band. His work is amazing in this album, and sets standards in Balkan music and most music in this region. Turkey is very lucky that Tarkan came out from there, if he were a Greek singer I would be very proud. From someone in this business I must tell you, this album is very well done.
Cleo P., Greece

I think Metamorfoz is great work if it was meant to be sound track of a movie. "Çat Kapı" reminded of Moulin Rouge and so on ... however, I liked "Dilli Düdük", "İstanbul Ağlıyor", "Bam Teli" and "Pare Pare", but still I can not say that it warped me away like he usually does when you listen to him.

When it comes to the music, I must admit that I listened to Tarkan but I could not hear him, not just because the volume of the music was so much higher than his beautiful voice that gave an impression of he was far away and out of rich in the entire album, but also because the absence of Tarkan´s soul in the songs. I missed the presence of his heart and soul and his strong voice in the songs such as "Ay" (Karma), "Kir Zincirlerini" or "Unut Beni" (Ölürüm Sana) and "Unutmamali" (A-acayipsin).

Metamorfoz reminds of Come Closer singing in Turkish, don't get me wrong I loved Come Closer, but I miss the Turkish musical instrument and his powerful modern Turkish melodies in the new Turkish album.

I think his going to get a lot of critics for that and some are going to write that he is getting old and are losing his voice. But I know for the fact that it is not true, he was spectacular in Hamburg for about 2 years ago and when he sang, it was almost like you listening to the CD, he was perfect.Narmin B., Sweden

Having already read at Tarkan Deluxe somewhere that Tarkan's Turkish language album was possibly going to be a mix of "Bu Gece" type songs and rock, I was not disappointed when I heard the album. This album proves if he were born in England and a member of our music industry, there wouldn't be anyone to compare to him. AND we know how to treat our celebrities! Just one thing ... Hurry up and publish your translations will you? So then I can really be bowled over by the thing! Some of the lyric attempts I've read so far make me cringe.
Sarah Janus, UK

To say the truth I did not like when I first listen to his songs yes from pirate copy I know! But we all do it here you do not know. But when I read about how much this hurts Tarkan, I have relative in Istanbul to which I asked for her to send me an original. I must tell you I have fallen in love with each song. There is nothing like this here. He is a real talent. I love the Vay song, it makes me want to get up and dance always! It sounds silly to say but I opened the cover very carefully, it is more than just a normal CD to me.
R.E.H., Iran

Tarkan squashed some magic into this one I feel. It grows on you the more you listen to it.
Sally L., Austria

The music and voice of "Pare Pare" is so beautiful it makes me want to cry...
T.E., Africa

This album ****ng rocks!
Matthew Weber, USA

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About Tarkan's 2007 Image

...My husband and I went to the city to buy a suit for New Years Eve party for him. We could not find any thing beside black or gray suits, there were not just any gray colored suits, but different shade of shiny gray suits :)

I don't know what Metin Gürsoy is talking about, but so far I know Sweden considers as a modern country even when it comes to fashion. A shiny metal belt is not ordinary looking at all and such sporty suit would be looked stupid whit a wide tie. Bracelets or any jewellers are not so popular in Scandinavia, but it certainly is in USA and Latin America and so on ... it depends to different tastes.Narmin B., Sweden

Your readers outside of Turkey may not understand the "attack" Tarkan is getting from the fashion stylists and music industrialists here about his image. It is a misunderstanding from them, because they fear that Tarkan's new image has an Islamist agenda, so really they are not attacking Tarkan, but attacking an opposite political view that they think Tarkan now stands for. This is absolute rubbish, just listen to his songs and really look at the pictures is enough. Tarkan's dress is so Western and modern, there is nothing Islamist about it at all! If that was so, he would not wear a shirt with collars or a tie, and so far as I know, all the wise men wore beards! Even Jesus Christ! Tarkan's picture agenda on this album, more than political, is a warning about the climate I think, but what a shame that everyone is talking about his shiny suit!
Selma T., Turkey

His new image shows that Tarkan looks good with anything, though I prefer to see him with nothing on!!!
I.B., Italy

I love his short hair. It makes his eyes stand out. I never knew he had such long eyelashes. This guy is very beautiful.
D.G., Germany

...not too sure about this short hair and beard thing...
C.C., Finland

About Tarkan's New Year Show

The only thing I cannot approve of, is the way he performed the songs. He did playback. I do not like playback performances anyway, because I can listen to the CD myself, or watch a video myself. And I was angry with Tarkan. Simply because, having been to two Tarkan concerts, I know how exceptionally well he can sing live! He has the ability and talent to provide almost CD quality live performances, so I did not and still not understand why he needs to do playback in television shows. As a friend pointed out, he may have wanted to put emphasis on the new songs, not yet known to the audience and that his live show performance for the brand new album might still be under development. Still, I was a bit sad to see that everyone else sang live. Apart from that, as Tarkan welcomed the New Year with smiles, I welcome his new album with similar joy.
Teemeah Baksa, Hungary

I couldn't watch it during the new year as the connection at TRT kept stopping, it was driving me mad. But I caught it later on a video site. I thought it was really good, with the wide-screen thing, it looked like something I would've seen on BBC's Top of Pops (when it was showing). Good quality, but then again I've come to expect that from Tarkan. I've read some fans saw the playback as an issue, but it wasn't an issue for me. It was a promotional show, not a live concert anyway, and I really loved all the little mimics Tarkan did to the screen. I felt like screaming at some parts!
Sarah M., UK

Six songs were NOT enough!
C.C., Finland

I read from your blog that Tarkan topped the TV ratings with his new year performance? There's a surprise now!
DJ-D., Netherlands

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