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Friday, January 25, 2008

Tarkan News Report Updates

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Deluxe had reported previously that one Turkish journalist, Hıncal Uluç, had done an apparent "U-turn" by placing a pop musicologist's article in his column for Turkish newspaper Sabah highly praising the artist's Metamorfoz album.

This week, Uluç has featured this issue in his column, due to the high volume of mails he received because of this seemingly change of view.

In his article, Uluç draws his readers' attention to the fact that the view expressed about Tarkan's 2007 release belongs solely to the man who wrote it, Can Sayın, and "just because [he] gave Sayın column space it doesn't mean [he agrees] with his views, or that this spells a U-turn" for Uluç himself.

However, the journalist also went on to state that he was still listening to the album and had yet to make up his mind one way or the other.

Meanwhile in another report for Sabah, quality folk-singer Kubat had only good things to say about Tarkan's latest image and album.

"Tarkan is one of my favourite singers. And I really like his new look ... if we don't change, we'll never move forward," he said.

Tarkan's Revealing TRT Report

Tarkan's 2008 TRT reportAnd finally, Tarkan Deluxe's report last week about Tarkan's first 2008 interview being for state broadcaster TRT's monthly subscription magazine - while also providing English translations of the excerpts released by the Turkish press from the January edition - moved one Tarkan fan to want to share the complete article with fans from across the world.

Very recently, a kind follower of Tarkan and this blog sent scans of the magazine to Tarkan Deluxe to share with its other readers, in the hope that we might find it useful. The article has now been translated into English in full and can be read at Tarkan Deluxe's sister blog, Tarkan Translations.

The TRT Radio Television Magazine is not available in the shops, and is received through subscription only.

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