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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Top Three Tarkan

Tarkan in top 3 of D&R sale listsAs the fourth week ends, and another begins for Tarkan's Metamorfoz musical outing, the star continues to sustain demand in interest and sales.

With the artist's album and 2008 calendar still in the top three of chart and general sales at the album label's DMC affiliate stores D&R, Turkish online news portal Gazeteport claims that limited stocks of the calendar have already all sold out.

Number-Crunching Tarkan

A Sunday report about Tarkan from Turkish newspaper TakvimA Sunday report about Tarkan from Turkish newspaper Takvim continues the theme of the artist's successful re-invention of his commercial success (see left pic).

In defence against the star's critics in the press, the news report throws back the numbers that calculate success: thousands of copies of Tarkan's Metamorfoz sold and selling at $30 on popular online shopping site Amazon, hits nearing a million for the number of times the songs have been downloaded through legal and illegal digital music sites, and Tarkan boosting state broadcaster TRT's rating to give the corporation its largest slice of the viewing share at the new year since private channels came into existence in Turkey.

While printing that viewing figures of Tarkan's videos at popular video site YouTube surpass the millions, and search engines Yahoo! and Google jointly archive close to 30 million pages relating to Tarkan in their databases, the article also goes on to mention the artist's planned Wembley concert in England this year, as organised by Absolute Events.

It's claimed organisers are expecting over thousands of spectators at the British event.

Tarkan in Antalya

Local news agency for Antalya has picked up the story of Tarkan at ManavgatReported yesterday at Tarkan Deluxe that Tarkan had signed up for his first Turkish festival of 2008, local online news agency for Antalya has picked up the story to publish further details about the press conference given by the Mayor of Manavgat, where it was revealed that Tarkan would be singing on the final day of the annual festival (see left pic). quoted Mayor Zeynel Şenol as saying, "Tarkan will help promote us nationally and internationally."

It's planned for Tarkan to give a concert at the 15th Barış Suyu Turkish Culture and Tourism Festival in Manavgat, Antalya, on 21 June this year.

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