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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Turkey Needs to Take Tarkan's Lead

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Helin's Port at Gazeteport

Writing for Turkish news portal Gazeteport, young Turkish celebrity Helin Avşar has featured Tarkan in her column this week.

Stressing that as a country, Turkey is urgently in need of a metamorphosis, the young Avşar indicates - despite all the criticism - Tarkan has found the best slogan for 2008.

With a list of those things she wants to change including obesity and road traffic, she urges her readers to change as much as possible, while targeting Tarkan as the man that makes women go crazy.

"Because I can't and won't make any negative comments about Tarkan and his latest album I know I'm going to be criticised by most of you, but it really is very difficult to find something wrong with it," she writes.

The young celebrity suggests that what makes Tarkan "Tarkan", alongside good quality music, is his ability to catch the mood of the nation and give them what they want.

"This sexy boy knows what my people need and want...and it doesn't take the greatest brain to figure out we're all in need of a metamorphosis. And anyway doesn't everything that refuses to change become labelled old? So I say, change right now!"

Tarkan and the Female Avşar Clan

Tarkan and Hulya AvsarHelin Avşar is the younger sister of Turkish actress, singer and TV celebrity Hülya Avşar. It was rumoured for a long time that in his late teens Tarkan had the hots for the older Avşar, and kept a book of love letters he had written to her. Recently this journal of love letters was reportedly discovered in the rented accommodation that Tarkan's family lived in while staying in Karamürsel.

Tarkan also took the chance to tell his female idol about his feelings when he appeared on her TV talk show in 2001, and had suggested as much, gently kissing her on the neck as they duetted to a Turkish classical song (see left pic).

At one time the singer wanted to film a video for his raunchy 1994 song "Sevis Benimle" (Make Love To Me) with Avşar - but the project never got off the ground.

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