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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weeks of Gloss

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan has been making appearances in various Turkish magazines since the release of his 2007 albumAfter the release of his 2007 Metamorfoz album, Tarkan has been making appearances on the magazine rafts in various Turkish magazines these past two weeks.

Turkish readers have been emailing the blog to share news from these recent magazine articles. Most of the appearances so far are spreads about the 2007 album and summaries of the artist's years dedicated to to the Turkish music industry, apart from a one-page article Tarkan prepared for a nature magazine.

Devoted to Nature

Tarkan Deluxe reported earlier about the pop star's appearance for a special annual edition of nature and geographical magazine Atlas. In the 10th edition of YeşilAtlas, in their section "Devoted to Nature", Tarkan has written an article entitled "The Planet Earth". Accompanied by a 2003 photograph from a Hasan Hüseyin shoot during the singer's Dudu period, Tarkan talks about the importance of taking care of nature, while also revealing some song lyrics he is working on about humankind's impact on the planet (pgs 82-83).

Tarkan ends by expressing that, "Every passing second, every moment is a loss. It's in our hands to bandage the world's wounds, make her better. Come on, united let's make up for what we've done."

The bulk of the article was translated by Tarkan Deluxe here.

Tarkan's a Give-away

Turkish readers have been emailing the blog to share news from these recent magazine articlesIn entertainment journals, the January print of Turkish music channel's KRAL magazine is giving away a large poster of Tarkan, while hailing Tarkan's 2007 album as a "new year's gift". However, it has decided to postpone giving an opinion on the album, and will wait and see whether it signals a return to Tarkan's former glory days (pg 5).

Alongside that, the weekly celebrity magazine Hafta Sonu has run an article about Tarkan for a second week, while also giving away a free Tarkan calendar.

Tarkan gets a mention in an article where the magazine lists the celebrities that have "stripped for stardom". It prints an old picture of Tarkan washing himself down in swimwear while reminding its readers that Hafta Sonu had been the first to run a series of shoots of Tarkan undressed in 1994 (pg 53). Among the list of males, one-time Tarkan backing singer Murat Boz also gets a mention.

In an earlier blog report it had been revealed that, in its first weekly edition of 2008, Hafta Sonu had run an article about the "never-ending metamorphosis" of Tarkan, with a gallery of images of the star throughout the years.

Front Page Editions

Tarkan has made the front page of the January edition of teenage magazine Heygirl and current affairs magazine Yeni Aktüel (10-16 January 2008/Issue 131). Heygirl's two-page spread outlines Tarkan's musical career from the 1990s to the 2000s (pgs 48-49), while Yeni Aktüel has prepared a nine-page special about the music artist.

Taking an extensive look at Tarkan's life and music, with comments from various people in the Turkish music and media industry, it's probably the most detailed article about the star so far this year (pgs 74-82). Although the main body of the report is a re-patch of previous articles, the most interesting part of the Yeni Aktüel write-up is the bottom sections where Tarkan shares his thoughts about his 2007 songs in his own words. The magazine claims to have published these "without changing a word".

Ali Yildirim has translated the Yeni Aktüel Tarkan quotes for each track and added them to his extensive translation notes that accompany his English translations of Metamorfoz's song lyrics, to help Tarkan fans come closer to the meanings of the tracks.

As previously revealed by the owner of the blog himself, he had translated the songs in under a week, and a specially chosen section of lucky Tarkan Deluxe readers have had access to the eagerly anticipated translations since yesterday.

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