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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Gridiron of Eros

in this caged gridiron
of Eros, there is
another name
to the illustrious game;

Amor from amar
a curved hook
to one chain of desire,
a line of fire;

a weapon to play catch
and render united, a love hook
for spiritual ends,
a wrapping that transcends

sex or gender,
race, colour, human nature,
a chain that always
holds together.


Philosophy of Love

- i -

what is your role
in human life?
what is your central
what is your etiquette,
politics and history?
hungering for anarchy
in the self or in the mind,
or are you just
a product of patriarchy?

- ii -

tell me how to know you,
to understand the make
of you in the make of me,

describable yet indescribable
within the concepts of any language
but your own,
what is the single taste
that takes thousands of words
to describe?

- iii -

love, what are you to me
but everything far more
real than even the air
that transcribes me?

- iv -

so many mirrors
that reflect your beauty,
knocking down all hierarchies,
all in the eye of the beholder,
all working in me;

passive, yet active
dirty, yet divine,

love, what are you
but the bowing angel
to a distant star, or
the god that waits
for a sign?

- v -

a study of you,
is a study of my humanity;
of many descriptions
philosophically beguiling,

broadly defined and imprecise,
a crooked roll of the dice,
romantic impropriety or spiritual,
basis for the ethical and unethical,
winning even when you're undone,
losing to many meanings, and none,

human science cannot replicate
nor understand your nature,
or how you nurture passion
for the physical, or the platonic,
for the friend, or the self,
for the comical, or the grand design,

unequal proportions in equal dimensions,
so many rooms to explore,
out of reach
of all visual examinations,
with just the power of faith,
love, why do you always
ask for more?

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