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Friday, February 01, 2008

Distantly, Differently

when first looked at,

at day's end
when the sun bows its head,
and relentless shadows branch out
encouraged by the side-winding
of the day's shining, striking down
a deepening chaos of ruddy darkness
that spirals defiantly towards me,
it's though this was the final day
of my world,

but I know differently.

I am a boy with faith
in the power of goddesses,
love cannot be shrugged off easily
by such elements that quickly envision
nightfall swirling round to choke
a kingdom of compromise,

such fear is simply
a stale shadow that fails
to stand to the power of hope's
ambrosial air, glints of a returning
sun on dropped wind, subtle moonlight
in subliminal vision moving like snow the colour of
dark holly, clouded stars roam round
pearls, open the clammed shell of the dark,
and you find them:

like a boyish hand might in wonder
manage to find a star-slip
under midnight's petticoat ways,
always secretly, eluding a mirror
to passion's sleek gaze,

in the dense pastures of its air
syllables of prayer might slow,
but in the dark the bones of every
season are buried, no different
from a blend of oranges or blues,

if we but search
we can find hope there,
or at least a stone
to pay tribute at the place
where summer began to decompose,

forgiveness is not a place
of far ago hills
with indelible dimensions,
if we walk towards them,
they will near,

when first looked at,
it may seem distantly
futile, but I know

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