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Friday, February 15, 2008

Tarkan Appearance Updates

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan at Wembley ArenaWembley Arena's official site (which since the reopening of Wembley Arena, Live Nation is now responsible for running the venue) has today added Tarkan's appearance for April 13, 2008, with options to purchase tickets for seated and standing areas.

Tarkan Deluxe had previously confirmed that Tarkan live in London would be going ahead as scheduled. Fans from across Europe, China and the Americas are planning to fly into London for show.

Wembley Arena - the UK's flagship live music venue first opened in 1934 as the Empire Pool and Sports Arena hosting the 1948 Olympics and numerous sporting and musical events.

Seventy-three years and a £35 million refurbishment later, the venue is synonymous with live music, welcoming scores of sell out shows and one off UK tour dates from major recording artists each year, it has played host to some of the greatest music acts of all time.

Tarkan Out of Awards Fiasco

Meanwhile, the Turkish celebrity press are still concentrating on the artist's non-attendance of a non-music industry award ceremony, but more so on the conflicting news reports from two major Turkish papers Hürriyet and Milliyet surrounding the event.

It's been claimed that the Turkish Patent Institute planned to give Tarkan an award - which is presented at a large celebration and handed over personally by the Turkish prime minister - and had notified the artist of their intention.

Hürriyet's magazine supplement Kelebek sticks with their original story that Tarkan's award was planned to be given to actress Hülya Avşar when the artist couldn't attend, while Milliyet's report contends that both Tarkan and Avşar were chosen for separate awards, but that neither luminary turned up for the ceremony, nor sent representatives to pick up their accolades.

Millyet's politically charged headline about the eventMilliyet ran the story on their February 14 homepage with a politically charged headline, mentioning that the celebrities didn't attend a ceremony attended by the prime minister, in stark contrast to Hürriyet's Kelebek claim that, upon reading their news account of the award swapping hands, Avşar refused to come to the event.

Other Turkish papers have reported the incident differently, by criticising the contradictory reports of Hürriyet and Milliyet. Haber7's report seems the most direct, with the headline "Which one of them is lying?" (February 14, 2008), outlining the fact that with such conflicting reports one paper must be lying on purpose, for some editorial agenda.

Finally today, though still continuing with their "award-swapping story" and adding that the host presenter of the ceremony called Avşar personally to warn of the fiasco, Kelebek did print an excerpt from the TPI's press release on the matter.

Explaining that both artists were being honoured with two separate awards for culture and music, "The Institute is holding both awards for the artists. On application to the Institute, their awards will be handed over to them," the statement said.

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