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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Your Congratulations

I wanted to share a few emails from readers that were kind enough to congratulate Tarkan Deluxe on reaching it's 1000th post, and answer a few questions that were raised along the way.

T in Texas, USA, writes:

Congratulations on 1000 Think I have probably read most of them!!! Even had my say on a few, here's to the next 1000. Thanks again for keeping me Tarkanated.

[But] I must say I was really surprised and a bit upset that you published the 2008 calendar pictures. Considering your policy on sharing and stealing. You always said that anything you published was to your opinion never taking from Tarkan but the calendar is official merchandise, still on sale etc. I know you were sent the pictures from a fan who had bought the calendar but I do feel that it is not right that you have made them public. I would like to know your opinion on my comments. This email will not change my opinion of your always awesome blog but I would like your view on the subject.

Thank you for your respect and as always thanks for all the Tarkan news. On another subject thank you for letting me know the Royal family has their own youtube page. Being over here we don't see much about them, and I really have a great deal of respect for aunty liz. Love as always and greatest respect too.

Thank you for your mail, T. As always you are a joy to read. You are right about the calendar merchandise being official but it is a limited, promotional item. A calendar's buying lifespan is generally until the end of January of its year. The only other people that would buy the calendar after that would be just for the purpose of it being Tarkan merchandise, and they will buy it irrelevant of it being up at Tarkan Visual because they'll want the real thing. In addition, we do not show the whole calendar design, just examples of the calendar design and the full pictures labelled with their corresponding months.

This is the reasoning behind why we decided to publish the pictures. A whole month and a signing day has passed since its release, and those that wanted to purchase it will have done so.

But we listen to our faithful readers, and have blocked the page a while longer. It will be made public at the end of February.


Margaret from Poland, writes:

I just want to congratulate you on your 1000th post. Such a round number of unique and much helpful pieces requires some celebration. So I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you next 1000 or maybe even 2000 posts.

I fully agree with the e-mails you quoted on your blog. You truly are a ambassador for Tarkan and all Turkish culture.

This brings me to the youtube issue. Disappearing Tarkan made me very sad. When I noticed some of users being banned I just thought they did something wrong to the service itself somewhere as videos come and go sometimes. But when I realized it was a bigger and organized movement I got really upset. It's just like your friend from Texas writes. Here in central Europe internet is the only source of Tarkan stuff. No TV programs or news, no magazines, nothing else. And Tarkan was always webfriendly with his official album sites and so on so I really don't follow this decision. I understand every public person wants to have control over their image as much as they can and protect their privacy which they have the full right to. But do youtube users abuse or exploit Tarkan in any way? I think there are doing quite the opposite. An official Tarkan account would be a perfect solution to this matter like you suggested. I don’t want to raise any political or non musical issues here but I do believe this no-Tarkan-on-youtube-action will bring more cons than pros to the artist himself. Die hard fans will keep looking and posting videos of course but all this fuss just seems unnecessary to me.

And one other thing. Please give my best of best regards to Joshua from Holland for sharing Tarkan 2008 calendar photos with the fan community. I cant wait to finally see them. I wanted so much to buy a copy of the calendar too but cross border online shopping is not easy ... But I'm working on that.

Once again congrats and thank you for your hard work. You should have a life-time free ticket too all Tarkan events ... P.S. A Turkish classical album ... oh yeah!


Dean from Germany, writes:

Congratulations my friend on hitting 1000! I have question for you. Will you translate Tarkan's "Çakmak Çakmak" [for Sibel Can] or "Püf" [for Murat Boz] I know he doesn't really sing in these, but they are his songs :)

Although I do have a "collaborations" section at Tarkan Translations, I am not planning to translate these songs any time soon. As most fans request that I focus on songs Tarkan has actually sung, these are very low priority, and to be honest I don't have the time at the moment.


K.D. from Vancover BC, Canada, writes:

Congratulations! It's been a pleasure coming all this way with you. Here's to 2000 more!

Thank you K.D., to you and to all the others that emailed after the 1000th post to congratulate the blog.

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