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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tarkan a No-Show for TrekStor

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Despite continuous press releases from official sources and emails from TrekStor to the blog promoting Tarkan's Saturday showing at their stand in the CeBIT fair, numerous fans have emailed Tarkan Deluxe to complain that Tarkan did not appear as scheduled.

Those that attended were met with marquee messages across large screens notifying them that Tarkan would not be at the stand for the unveiling of TrekStor's "Tarkan player" due to illness. Email reports explain that there were as many as 200 people gathered in the relatively small stand, with most leaving after they were informed Tarkan would not be making an appearance.

With their money and time wasted, many fans have been left feeling unfairly treated, with shattered expectations of what they believed would have been a rare chance to see the artist up close.

However, none have directed their disappointment at Tarkan, and a few suspect that TrekStor is to blame, using Tarkan's name to bring in a crowd. Fans have notified the blog that TrekStor did publish an announcement on its website yesterday that Tarkan wouldn't be attending due to illness, however the information wasn't distributed effectively.

One email wrote, "When the screens ran the message, I went to ask at the desk, and they told me that Tarkan had notified them he was ill. I asked when he had told them, because I had called the stand that same morning to make sure he was coming. They told me they didn't know, but I believe they knew from a few days before and yet they told me nothing on the phone earlier."

Another fan wrote: "I'm not complaining and I'm not mad ... just very very disappointed ... it was obvious most of the crowd had been there for Tarkan and had left or were leaving. Maybe he really was sick or maybe any one of 1,001 other things went wrong for him that day ... I still played his CDs on the drive home!!"

Recent reports in the Turkish papers had been claiming that the pop star was in Germany for the event.

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