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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

In the Buzz Box

I thought I'd share some of the responses that are coming into my email box recently. This is the first set I've selected to post. You can read the second set here.

I thank those below for giving permission to allow publication of their comments in whole or in part. Your contribution is invaluable as always.

Tim, A. from the Midlands, UK, writes:

Thanks for giving us all the info about the BBC interview. I wouldn't have known about it if it wasn't for you. From my understanding of the interview and your recent posts about Tarkan's excellent album is that to his critics Tarkan's music isn't the problem, his success is the problem, they just want to shoot him down for the hell of it. I am biased I confess. I come from a school of thought that well maybe I'm old school, but in modern times don't we still need to feature the songs in the critical argument? Critics don't understand his home audience or his fanbase outside of Turkey, either. I'm a 50 year-old-man, but I have a Turkish wife, and so have been in the culture for nearly 30 years so I remember this kid from day one. Tarkan's name is his own, his music is ours. The critics just take pot shots at the easiest target.

* * *

M.K. from the USA writes:

So did Tarkan deliver? So did Tarkan shake up his music industry? I don't listen to critics, I make up my own mind. And I say, HELL YEAH!

* * *

Carla from Paris, France writes:

I think your statistics post was very good, very damning proof of how the Istanbul papers lie about Tarkan! This also doesn't mean that everyone likes Tarkan's songs, but which rule is there somewhere that says that every Turk must like Tarkan? But these figures do show these people are a minority. I've had some Turks express dislike for his image and for the album. I'm not going to argue how his suit is cut here, but just because a few might not like him, this does not reflect on his music badly for me. I am very happy to buy the album, though I took a quick trip to my neighbour [Germany] to get it!!! This album will be listened to in 10 years like his Kiss songs and enjoyed like fine wine. You might not like it first, but when every other Turkish artist starts copying these songs, then in a few years we will understand his music of today.

<< Read more about The Metamorphosis of Tarkan


Esat, S. from Wales, UK writes:

I'm half-Welsh and half-Turkish, and work as local radio DJ here and even here I sometimes get requests for Tarkan's songs. It's like he may not be known all across the globe in large numbers, but wherever you go on the planet I know you'll bump into someone that is a Tarkan fan.


Faith from Ireland writes:

I'm not surprised Tarkan doesn't want to get married so easily! Has he heard Paul McCartney's horrible divorce? Don't forget a pre-nup agreement Tarkan, honey! Don't tie up without one!!


Andreas from Nicosia, Cyprus writes:

Hey, I am a gay Greek Cypriot guy who madly loves Tarkan! I have a big tattoo of his name across my back, and soon I will be flying to London for his soon super smash concert there! We have closed minds over here, but his beautiful eyes made me want to open mine.


Terry from Antalya, Turkey writes:

Thanks for letting us know about the video site hitklip. It's good to know I can watch Tarkan's videos online somewhere where they actual respect copyright and pay performance fees.

UPDATE: Video site hitklip closed, MÜ-YAP opens YouTube Channel >>

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