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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Industry Awards To Be Announced

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

MUYAP LogoTurkish newspaper Sabah has reported that major Turkish music society MÜ-YAP has revealed the winners of their annual "Music Industry Awards", with Tarkan amongst the artists listed. There are expectations for the society to officially announce last year's highest selling albums soon. Legal digital downloads are also included in the final tally.

There is a separate category for most downloaded song of the year (for 2007), too, but as Tarkan's TTNetMüzik campaign to download his album didn't begin until the first days of 2008, it is not certain if the artist has made the top ten listing in that category.

The society posts the annual winners' list at its site and artists are presented with awards for high sales during the previous 12 months at a ceremony hosted the following year. This year's award ceremony is scheduled for 14 April.

If the news in Sabah is confirmed by MÜ-YAP's site, Tarkan's achievement will be another record for a Turkish artist. Having released his album just seven days before the end of the record selling year, it is rumoured that the artist sold nearly a quarter of a million copies - enough during that short time to make it to the highest-sellers list.

All other Turkish artists on the list with Tarkan released their albums six months prior or more to reach sales that the Turkish superstar managed in a week.

This does suggest, however, that Tarkan's overall album sales for Metamorfoz will be divided into two yearly sales, but - if high sales continue - it may well make him one of the few artists to win a sales award twice for the same album two years running.

Tarkan last won this award in 2004 when sales of his 2003 Dudu EP surpassed a million copies. The artist's promotional single Ayrılık Zor had been announced as the highest-selling album or single in 2005, but because it wasn't released for public retail it wasn't eligible for an award in 2006.

It had been another first for the artist, in that even though the promotional single hadn't been made available in the shops, it still outsold every album released in the same year.

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