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Friday, April 18, 2008

Pare Pare Coming Soon

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Official site updateThe homepage to Tarkan's official site has been updated again to provide the latest information on the progress of the music video to "Pare Pare".

Revealing that, with the editing finished, the video is almost out of post-production, the short announcement informs visitors the video will be first aired exclusively - as has become the tradition - at "very soon".

It's hoped there will not be a repeat of the problems that followed the unveiling of the "Vay Anam Vay" video, when interest had been so great that Tarkan's official website was suspended due to excessive resource usage for a few days.

A Surprise, but Welcome, Choice

Since the news, that Tarkan's second music video choice was "Pare Pare", Tarkan Deluxe has been flooded with emails from fans across the world wanting to comment on the story, with the general consensus being that the artist has made a surprising, but welcome, choice in song.

"Even before I read Ali [Yildirim]'s great translation to this song, I knew when I first heard it that it would be my favourite. It's a very personal song. The refrain almost brings me to tears, and when I first read Ali's English lyrics, I am ashamed to admit I let some flow ... and while I was expecting a video from "Dilli Düdük" I was really happy to read about this now," one reader commented.

Ending up bottom third in an official fan song poll set up to choose the track to follow the "Vay Anam Vay" video at, some sections in the Tarkan community had been surprised to discover that the artist had chosen the powerful track "Pare Pare", instead of one of the top three choices as his second music video from his award-winning 2007 album Metamorfoz.

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