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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Press Reacts to Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

As video footage from Tarkan's acclaimed London outing in Wembley Arena is broadcast on TV entertainment shows, Tarkan Deluxe takes a look at some negative responses from the columns directed at Turkey's superstar.

Tarkan's Team is Terrible

Writing for Turkish newspaper Bugün, Bilal Özcan takes Tarkan's Turkish team to task over the visa fiasco, which had the artist held up at British customs for two hours the day before his Wembley concert.

Taking a tough stance with the artist and the people that work for him, Özcan claims that Tarkan isn't a "world star" due to the unprofessional people he surrounds himself with - suggesting that incompetent employees are affecting his successes.

Instead of finding fault with British officials, Özcan suggests that Tarkan should look to blame those working for him.

"You go to London to give a concert, your personnel get you a holiday permit. When the customs officer asks you: "Why have you come to England?" You reply: "I've got a concert at Wembley Arena tomorrow night!" And really it's your own team that have tripped you up, but you've got no idea. The visa in your passport is a tourist one. The British customs official is right. "If you've come to work you can't enter, because you don't have a work visa."

"Let's say it was an oversight on the part of the worker who got the visa ... [Tarkan's] manager, his secretary, his personal assistant - did no one bother to look at his passport? What kind of team is this for goodness sake...

"People from Pakistan and Africa go through customs, while the world star waits."

The article also reminds readers of the TRT end-of-year show's synchronisation slip-up, and blames this on Tarkan's team leaving everything to the last minute, with Özcan emphasising finally that they are making the artist look a fool.

Anti-Tarkan Columists

Two columnists firmly in the anti-Tarkan lobby have also featured the artist in recent columns.

Last known to have openly lied in her column in an attempt to discredit the success of Tarkan's signing day in January, Ayşe Özyılmazel has a dig at Tarkan's more traditional choice of costume at his Wembley concert, while Mehmet Tez, who is becoming a prolific Tarkan critic, tries to subtly push his rap-rockist agenda and at the same time throw a barb at Turkey's superstar from his notes on a visit from two Italian women.

In an article - printed by Sabah - he relays his experiences of hosting two ladies from Glamour magazine's Italian subsidiary in Istanbul last week.

"[One of the ladies] is a fan of [Turkish rap artist] Ceza. She believes Turkish to be a good language for rap ... Neither of them know who Tarkan is," he claims.

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